Protecting Office 365 User Data

The growth of Microsoft Office 365 has led to a paradigm in the market. Now, business data is more portable than ever before. This is creating a revolution in where and how someone can run a business. With more people than ever wanting to work remotely, Office 365 is only going to grow in popularity as it takes more and more of the market every day.

With the growth of Office 365, there may no longer be the need to set up a VPN and remote connections that previously allowed someone to access important information from anywhere. Now, there might be a way to accommodate people who might not be as tech-savvy using the user-friendly interface that comes with Office 365. At the same time, everyone needs to take steps to protect the data of those using Office 365. There are a few essential tips to keep in mind.

The Purpose of Protecting User Data in Office 365

Many people might not even be thinking about protecting their data through Office 365. One of the biggest reasons why people overlook this step is that they assume Microsoft is doing this for them.

The reality is that Office 365 is only one location of vulnerability. Those who use Office 365 often move their data from place to place. Microsoft Office 365 is not the only place the data is exposed. Their data might be vulnerable elsewhere. Therefore, users need to take steps to limit the attacks on their business. This is even more important when multiple devices are accessing the same set of data. Not every device is going to have the same security measures.

For example, the average person accessing the data from home is not going to have a robust firewall guarding the data. Furthermore, many routers are not configured with the appropriate security settings. Home Wi-Fi routers are not exactly bastions of security when they haven’t been updated in five years. For this reason, Office 365 users need to take extra steps to protect their data. Remember that Microsoft is responsible for safeguarding hardware but not the data.

Protect the Right Data

Those who use Office 365 need to make sure they protect all of their data. This includes emails that might be sent using Exchange Online, documents that are shared through SharePoint Online, and files that are included in OneDrive for Business. All of this data is important to the structure and function of companies. It deserves to be backed up. There might even be information shared on Microsoft Teams that aren’t located elsewhere. Make sure to save these files as well.

How Office 365 Data Should Be Protected

One of the best ways to protect data on Office 365 is to back it up appropriately. It is essential to make sure that data is backed up from Exchange, SharePoint Online, Team, and OneDrive. Each application is different, and it might need to be backed up in different ways. Remember to export one copy of the data to a new location to keep it safe from harm.

It may also be a good idea to create auxiliary backup accounts that will increase the number of download threads from SharePoint. Finally, there are ways to back up certain types of data that will allow someone to keep smaller footprints when it comes to on-premise servers, helping people save money while also keeping data safe from harm. Make sure the data can be quickly restored from a backup if required.

Those who would like help protecting their data should be sure to work with qualified IT professionals.

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