Secur01 Responds to COVID19 Crisis by Helping Montreal Companies Prepare for Remote Work

Secur01 Responds to COVID19 Crisis by Helping Montreal Companies Prepare for Remote Work

Like the rest of the world, Montreal has now also seen cases of COVID19. With one of the critical suggestions to slowing down its spread being for people to have as little contact as possible, some companies are allowing remote work. Local IT experts Secur01 are helping set up the requirements.

No matter how often a person washes their hands or if they choose to wear a face mask or not, there’s little doubt that coming to work during the current COVID19 pandemic can be a cause of stress. In Montreal, where COVID19 cases are now appearing, many companies are taking advantage of their structure and the digital age and allowing employees to work remotely. Leading the way in handling the technical and security end of these arrangements has been Montreal IT and security experts Secur01. The company has a remarkable reputation, and they are taking this opportunity to help members of their extended community stay COVID19-free quite seriously. With Public Health experts increasingly recommending that companies encourage employees to work from home to prevent the potentially deadly coronavirus from spreading in offices, public transit and elsewhere, Montreal is expected to see over 100,000 remote workers within a short period having security and IT standards that need to be met. Secur01 is up for doing as much as possible to help.

“Most authorities have urged business leaders in recent days to immediately review their telework policies, sign documents with employees defining their duties, issue laptops and allow access to computer networks,” commented a spokesperson from Secur01. “The expansion of telework is already causing complications, including administrative, equipment barriers and restrictions for thousands of employees who work with sensitive equipment and cannot bring it home. Secur01 is the ideal partner, at this time of crisis, to set up a continuity plan, an emergency plan and an incident response plan. Companies that do not pay close attention to their cybersecurity with their teleworkers are exposed to data theft and lost productivity.”

According to the company, Secur01 specializes in a wide range of IT and security services, including cyber-implementation, strategy and planning, audit and diagnostic, and covering productivity concerns as well.

By thinking ahead, Montreal can avoid the crisis parts of Asia are in with companies locking workers out because they had no remote working plans in place. This can help lessen the impact on the economy and people’s lives dramatically.

To prepare for teleworking, you can contact Secur01, located at 4455 Autoroute 440 Ouest, office 283, Laval, QC, H7P 4W6.

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