Vision & Mission

Founded in 2014, Secur01 was born out of passion. Since its inception, our vision has revolved around Cybersecurity, a subject that many still avoid today. We are witnessing a growing increase in sophisticated cyberattacks that have caught even the most careful players off guard, such as SMEs in all industries. 

Our mission has been the same since the beginning: to raise awareness of Cybersecurity issues, warn our customers of threats, and put in place continuity plans in the event of an unforeseen disaster. We take care of all our customers’ Cybersecurity and IT Compliance needs. We also offer managed services so you can have the peace of mind of a CISO or Compliance/Privacy Officer at your disposal. Contact us now to book an appointment.


Choosing a Secur01 certified team ensures that your business meets the highest standards of Cybersecurity and Compliance. Every member of our team is required to complete and maintain certifications throughout their journey at Secur01.

 We firmly believe in the power of education and believe that a high-performing team is an empowered team. Take advantage of our high level of proven expertise and stay ahead of the latest threats with modern, innovative solutions.

Our Team

Meet our talented team. Thanks to each one of our team members, Secur01 can offer you unrivalled service. Let our experts advise you and demystify the field of  Cybersecurity and Compliance.

Frédérik Bernard-2

Frédérik Bernard

Partner, CISSP
Cybersecurity Consultant
Linda Lyons-2

Linda Lyons

Senior Director – Cybersecurity and Compliance
Allex Lamarche-2

Allex Lamarche

Deputy Director of Cybersecurity
Estelle Duquette-2

Estelle Duquette

Cybersecurity Specialist
Félix Robitaille-2

Félix Robitaille

Cybersecurity Analyst

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