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Founded in 2014, Secur01 was born from passion. Since its creation, the vision of this company has been oriented around cybersecurity. Yet another topic that many still avoid today, we have witnessed an increase in sophisticated computer attacks that have caught even the most critical players, such as financial institutions, off guard. Our mission has been the same from the start, raising awareness of cybersecurity problems, warning our customers of threats, having protection and continuity plans in the event of an unforeseen disaster. We support the entire infrastructure of our customers and also offer a fast IT support service. 

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By choosing Secur01 certified team, you ensure that your business meets the highest standards in cybersecurity and support. Each member of our team is therefore invited to follow the certifications throughout their journey at Secur01. We firmly believe in the power of education and we believe that a successful team is a empowered team. Take advantage of our high level of proven competence and stay safe from the latest threats with modern and innovative solutions.

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Whatever the reason, whether it is a permanent IT outsourcing solution, during the holidays of your network administrator, because you have a temporary overload, for a special project, we can help you while doing to save money. . As a cross-platform service provider and systems integrator, we have the expertise to host, monitor and manage critical application systems around the clock. Secur01 is well positioned to help you meet today’s growing business demands ‘hui. Good IT maintenance can extend the life of your equipment, reduce downtime for your IT services, and increase the return on technology investment. For critical equipment, use service contracts that will provide fast response times at low cost or on call if necessary.

"The speed of Secur01 services allows our franchisees to continue their operations without worries."
Director Finance/Controller
"Secur01 brings us an entire solution from hardware, cloud, web to phone system and backup. This simplifies my life."
"Their meticulous support allows me to have peace of mind with my clients. They go further than simply putting a bandage on a problem, they seek the cause & solve the problem."
Director of IT
"The professionalism of the Secur01's team ensures the continuity of our operations while obtaining clear answers to our needs."
Groupe Contant

Our Team

Meet our talented team. It is thanks to each of the members present that Secur01 offers you an unequaled service. Each member of our team becomes a member of our family and each of our clients becomes a member of our large family. You get the best service from the best technicians in Quebec.

Fred Bernard

Frédérik Bernard

Managing Partner, CISSP
Cybersecurity Consultant
Gisele Baril

Gisele Baril

Executive Assistant
Allex Lamarche

Allex Lamarche

Cybersecurity Consultant, CEH
JS Plamondon

Jean-Simon Plamondon

Math Giroux

Mathieu Giroux

Martin Lepage

Martin Lepage

André Ratté

André Ratté


John Nicol


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