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It’s vacation time… for you, but not for cybercriminals!

During the vacation season, cybercriminals are hard at work! They take the opportunity to target and exploit businesses and individuals, who often experience a significant increase in phishing attempts and ransomware extortion. Cybercriminals exploit, among other things, vulnerabilities in systems that have not been updated, or human errors. A FEW

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Why do you need cyber insurance?

What is a cyber insurance ? A cyber risk or cyber insurance policy helps companies reduce their exposure to cybersecurity and data protection risks. It covers the cost of restoring your systems following a cyber attack or the impact of a data breach (Act 25). Cyber risk concerns threats to

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Act 25: Your Company Must Comply by September 22, 2024

Does Act 25 apply to your company? The Act to modernize legislative provisions respecting the protection of personal information (Act 25) applies to any company that has a digital presence or manages personal information in Quebec. It changes the way you collect and store the personal data of your customers

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The 3-2-1 Backup Rule Done Right

The loss of data has become more of a prevalent event in our culture. Hackings and data criminals have been on the rise now for several years. Every day there are new viruses and malware that are developed to destroy or steal information. If you wonder what the best way

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Do SMBs need a CISO?

When funding your small or medium business, you keep your budget at the forefront. You begin with a skeleton crew of only the most essential personnel. One question that comes up for chief executive officers (CEOs) is if their business immediately needs a chief information security officer. This depends on

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How much are proactive companies spending on cybersecurity?

There is no doubt that technology has contributed immensely to the recent global economic developments. Today, many financial organizations use technological advancements such as computers to collect, store, and share data efficiently. Technology has indeed provided the most effective ways of managing and securing data. However, cybersecurity has remained a

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Cybersecurity – Investment vs. Cost Center

Over the recent decade, cybersecurity has become a significant threat across many industries, with different types of malware discovered almost daily. The rate of risk is challenging to keep up with. Unfortunately, many companies, big and small, are not ready for the risks that develop every day. We firmly believe

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Top 5 Ways Hackers Get into Your Network

The activity of identifying weaknesses in a network or computer to exploit security to gain access to business or personal data is hacking. An example of this can be using a method to enable the password to be cracked to gain entry to a computer system. Computers are now vital

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What To Include In A Cyber Incident Response Plan

What is The Importance of a Cyber Incident Response Plan first of all? Basically, it is a laid-out plan that helps companies of any size determine how to detect breaches and security, respond to them, and then the steps on how to recover anything lost. To be clear most incident

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