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Technologies play a key role in our connected world regardless of the size of the company or its sector of activity. Cyber threats do not slow down and even increase their complexity and sophistication. Integration and dependence on technology to enable growth is also increasing, posing serious risks to organizations if they do not have adequate security and recovery measures. Benefit from Secur01’s proven expertise, from IT support to sales, configuration and management of servers, we are your IT department and we take care of your technological projects. Our broad customer base puts us in a unique position to manage a variety of hardware and software configurations and advise you on what is best for your environment. Our years of experience allow us to judge which IT solutions work and to implement them quickly and efficiently.

IT outsourcing

Do you need a 4 hour emergency service contract? Are you looking for IT outsourcing a few days a week to manage and support your network? Whatever your needs, we adapt our offer to the requirements of your business. We act as an IT department and help supervise your projects. We assist you in implementing technological solutions and ensuring that your needs and deadlines are met.

Managed IT Services

Whether for workstations, laptops, printers, servers or other equipment, we maintain your IT fleet. In addition, we offer repair, maintenance, management and support services for your entire IT infrastructure. Finally, entrust us with the management of your IT projects and be assured of exemplary supervision and progress!

Support and Maintenance

We offer a support and maintenance service tailored to each business and we offer the flexibility to select the type of IT services that meet their needs. Without constraint, without subscription to service or engagement contracts with a minimum number of hours, we offer IT solutions, hardware and software that match your needs and your budget. A quote process will let you know in advance how much each project will cost.

Secur01 is more than just another IT partner

Secur01 is more than just an IT partner. We care about the well-being of your business and ensure that its vital components are always accessible and withstand increasingly sophisticated attacks. Our turnkey service includes continuous IT support, preventive maintenance and disaster recovery. Explore our comprehensive program of overlapping services to simplify, protect and secure your business.

We provide IT services to grow your business

Certain computer problems can be taken into account, detected and resolved before becoming critical. We imagine the worst situations to reduce risks and, if the worst should happen, ensure a rapid resumption of your operations. Our IT solutions are tailor-made and take into account the current and future realities of your business.


We integrate threat data, IT data and business data to equip teams with context-rich intelligence to prevent IT failure.


We focus on putting in place effective controls around your assets, enabling productivity and growth.


We help leaders develop a cyber-risk program in line with the organization’s strategic objectives and risk appetite.


We help leaders develop a cyber-risk program in line with the organization’s strategic objectives and risk appetite.


We combine proactive and reactive incident management technologies and processes to quickly adapt and respond to threats.


We focus on putting in place effective controls around your assets, enabling productivity and growth.

Secur01 is a partner of choice for your business

Secur01 is located in the greater Montreal area, also distributing its services in the Toronto area, making it a partner of choice for your business. Secur01’s managed IT services provide a complete portfolio of IT solutions and services ranging from the simple acquisition of equipment to the complete outsourcing of their IT management. Our solutions are tailor-made to help you achieve your business goals.


Our comprehensive service offering is predictable, flexible, scalable and includes unlimited support. This allows you to focus on business initiatives and let Secur01’s IT experts focus on IT issues. Because we understand that we will be a direct extension of your business, Secur01 is constantly striving to improve customer satisfaction.

Become a Secur01 Reseller and Earn BIG

Secur01 is at a stage of growth where always adding new customers keep costs low, among the most competitive in the province. Our hyperconnected world of independent influencers and technicians is more diverse than ever. Secur01 offers you the possibility of joining your sales forces to our technical team and making Quebec a world leader in cybersecurity.

Remote and on-site technical support

Secur01 is the first responder of your company. Our IT support services allow you to receive support for the daily questions of your users as much as to entrust us with part of your IT services to outsource. You can also entrust us with the management of a specific project or of all of your IT services. In all cases, you keep a high visibility on your IT services thanks to transparent management. Always synchronized with the latest innovations in the field, our certified teams offer you solutions that stand the test of time.

Secur01 computer repair and maintenance service

Secur01 recovers several forms of breakage on your IT equipment. Whether it is an infection, loss of data, broken parts or any other interruption requiring IT expertise, our team will help you and help you with fast and courteous service. Our multiple partnerships with manufacturers and distributors provide us with unrivaled availability of items in the industry. Join our support for immediate assistance.

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Secur01 is more than an IT Helpdesk. We are a partner to your success.


The whole Secur01 team is shaken by the crisis situation which crosses our connected world. We want to let all of our customers know that our team is fully operational and dedicated to providing you with an unrivaled support experience, even in these times of crisis.

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