Cybersecurity and IT Support
Cybersecurity and IT support
Secur01 is your cybersecurity & IT service partner that adapts to your business. We value people and technology as a partnership.
We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and innovative solutions all designed to help you meet your strategic goals.
IT Outsourcing Service
IT outsourcing service
Secur01 is your cybersecurity & IT service partner that adapts to your business. We value people and technology as a partnership.
We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and innovative solutions all designed to help you meet your strategic goals.
IT Security Audit
IT security audit
Secur01 is your cybersecurity & IT service partner that adapts to your business. We value people and technology as a partnership.
We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and innovative solutions all designed to help you meet your strategic goals.

We put our network and security expertise at your service

Technologies play a key role in business, regardless of the size of the business or its sector of activity. Entrust us with the management of your IT infrastructure and benefit from proven expertise. From IT support through the sale, configuration and management of servers, we are your IT department and we take care of your technological projects. With our large client base, we are in a unique position to manage a variety of hardware and software configurations and advise you on what is best for your environment. Our 20 years of experience allow us to judge IT solutions that works and to implement them quickly and efficiently.

Turnkey IT department

Whether for workstations, laptops, printers, servers, consumables or other equipment, we can supply you with computer equipment. In addition, we offer repair, maintenance, management and support services for your entire IT fleet. Finally, entrust us with the management of your IT projects and be assured of exemplary supervision and progress!

Control IT project costs

We offer a service tailored to each business and we offer the flexibility to select the type of IT services that meet their needs. Without constraint, no subscription to service or engagement contracts with a minimum number of hours, we offer IT solutions, hardware and software that match your needs and your budget. A quote process will let you know in advance how much each project will cost.

Peace of Mind

Do you need a 4 hour same day service contract? Is IT outsourcing from half a day to a few days a week for the management and support of your network? Whatever your needs, we adapt our offer to the requirements of your business. We act as your IT department and help oversee projects and implement technological solutions and ensure that your needs and deadlines are met.


We are the premier vendor of choice for businesses looking for technology solutions. Our years of experience, diverse skill set, and hands-on approach allow us to successfully deliver the desired results based on our customers’ requirements. Our unique combination of skills delivers a wide range of high-value solutions to businesses, delivering a modern, simplified and cost effective IT resource management solution.


Secur01 Managed IT Services provide proven IT support for all IT and cybersecurity challenges, including day-to-day IT issues, critical IT projects, fundamental cybersecurity projects and major IT upgrades that organizations in all industries face. Secur01 is located in greater Montreal area, spreading it’s services to Toronto area as well, making it a partner of choice for your business.

We provide Technology Consultancy & IT Services

Certain computer problems can be taken into account, detected and resolved before becoming critical. We imagine the worst situations to reduce the risks and, if the worst should happen, ensure a rapid resumption of your operations. Whether you are looking to buy computer hardware, software or alternative solutions, or if you need cabling, telephone systems, alarm and access control solutions or whatever, our extensive network of partners and distributors allows us to offer you a full range of services. Our IT solutions are tailor-made and take into account the current and future realities of your business. We take advantage of our diverse experience to offer a unique and innovative proposal to your needs.


Cyber attacks and threats to companies physical and digital assets are escalating and becoming more targeted and sophisticated. Most organizations do not have the staff or the time to keep up, but the success of your organization always depends on timely and in-depth information about existing or emerging threats, risks and vulnerabilities.


Information security threats are increasing every day, which seems almost impossible for security teams to constantly monitor to detect business risks and potential cyber risks. Your organization may not have the budget or the staff to integrate the disparate capabilities required for a complete view of cyber threat information.


With hybrid computing the norm for most organizations, your production environment is likely to be a mix of internal and external data centers, public and private clouds. This complex IT chain creates several potential points of failure, which makes it more difficult to maintain the continuity of daily operations and to recover quickly in the event of a disaster.


Data loss and equipment malfunction can seriously damage your business. Traditional disaster recovery solutions help protect your IT, but these physical systems can be slow and expensive. Data loss leads to costly downtime, customer dissatisfaction, regulatory fines and lost revenue. As a result, IT professionals must meet extremely high expectations.


Cloud is one of the methods to maximize the profitability of your business. Hosting is provided on a virtual server which draws its resources from a large network of physical servers. If a server disconnects, availability will not be affected because the virtual servers will continue to run resources from the remaining physical servers.


Your current IT supplier does not seem to understand that you are running a business? When something goes haywire, you need support at the instant. We understand. Bundled into easy-to-understand monthly fixed-rate personalized service packages, our multi-vendor IT support services replace existing support programs or strategically complement OEM plans.

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Ensure peace of mind for your information system, because Secur01 guarantees that you get the right price for everything you need from your outsourcing and cloud service provider. We are large enough to provide the facilities, services and expertise you expect, but small enough to provide the support and attention you require. Look no further, contact us for all your IT needs. No need to seek an IT vendor to repair a server, network device or computer; Our comprehensive service offering is predictable, flexible, scalable and includes unlimited support. This allows you to focus on business initiatives and let Secur01’s IT experts focus on IT issues. Because we understand that we will be a direct extension of your business, Secur01 is constantly striving to improve customer satisfaction. The competence, professionalism and responsiveness to your needs will keep you active. By reducing downtime, stabilizing your network, and planning for future upgrades with a strategy, you will always have control over your technology.


Secur01 will assess the current performance of your IT infrastructure and your security position every month and identify areas where improvements can be made. Between each evaluation, Secur01 will optimize the architecture of your infrastructure for optimal efficiency and profitability. As your IT needs change over time, this analysis and optimization process will continue. At the start of the contract and every year thereafter, Secur01 will perform a full analysis of your current security measures to identify weaknesses. Secur01 IT specialists will update your existing security measures every month and develop new measures that will integrate seamlessly into your IT infrastructure. We will continue to monitor your security and take steps to upgrade to protect you from the latest threats. Secur01 will take care of technical maintenance, upgrades and technical support, whether regular or urgent (unplanned). An in-depth knowledge of your IT infrastructure will help the Secur01 team to respond quickly and efficiently to any unforeseen technical problem.


Whatever the reason, whether it is a permanent IT outsourcing solution, during the holidays of your network administrator, because you have a temporary overload, for a special project, we can help you while doing to save money. . As a cross-platform service provider and systems integrator, we have the expertise to host, monitor and manage critical application systems around the clock. Secur01 is well positioned to help you meet today’s growing business demands ‘hui. Good IT maintenance can extend the life of your equipment, reduce downtime for your IT services, and increase the return on technology investment. For critical equipment, use service contracts that will provide fast response times at low cost or on call if necessary.

"The speed of Secur01 services allows our franchisees to continue their operations without worries."

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"Secur01 brings us an entire solution from hardware, cloud, web to phone system and backup. This simplifies my life."


"Their meticulous support allows me to have peace of mind with my clients. They go further than simply putting a bandage on a problem, they seek the cause & solve the problem."

Director of IT

"Their efficient control in IT management is a major force in my company."

Access Protection

"The professionalism of the Secur01's team ensures the continuity of our operations while obtaining clear answers to our needs."

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"Secur01 provides critical support to our staff in the United States and Canada."

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