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Cybercrime affects both individuals and technology, and combating it also requires people and good communication. Companies rely entirely on their technological platforms, but if this technology stops working, the business will also cease to function.

Protecting your sensitive data and preventing cyber threats are at the core of our concerns. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to enhance your company’s security and arm you against emerging threats in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Scanning of Internal & External Vulnerabilities

Executive and detailed reports on vulnerabilities related to systems exposed to the Internet and internal infrastructures.

Penetration Testing

Executive and detailed reports presenting the extensive tests carried out by an ethical hacker, the vulnerabilities and risks to the organization, and recommendations for remedying them.  It can target the network, internal systems, applications exposed to the Internet, websites and Wi-Fi.

Network Security Assessment

Executive and detailed reports presenting threats to network security and a review of who is authenticated and authorized to access it.

Technical Audit of IT Infrastructure

Executive and detailed reports presenting technological risks and the health of the IT ecosystem based on best practices or a recognized standard.

Awareness Program

The awareness program defines a roadmap for Cybersecurity risk awareness and training, change management and communication activities.

Phishing Tests

Phishing tests are used to simulate e-mail attacks and target awareness campaigns based on the results.


This Cybersecurity team acts as an ethical hacker, trying to break down your defenses just as a cybercriminal would. This enables us to detect vulnerabilities and risks of data breaches so that we can propose and prioritize appropriate patches.


This Cybersecurity team focuses on the prevention of cyberattacks and can assist you in incident response.

Our professional cybersecurity services offer a comprehensive and proactive solution to protect your business against constantly evolving threats in today’s digital world. Whether through awareness programs, phishing tests, in-depth vulnerability assessments, or infrastructure audits and network security evaluations, we are committed to providing the tools and expertise needed to strengthen your security posture.

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