It’s vacation time… for you, but not for cybercriminals!


During the vacation season, cybercriminals are hard at work! They take the opportunity to target and exploit businesses and individuals, who often experience a significant increase in phishing attempts and ransomware extortion. Cybercriminals exploit, among other things, vulnerabilities in systems that have not been updated, or human errors.


Do not use public computers and Wi-Fi hotspots

  • Do not use public computers and Wi-Fi, such as those available in hotels and airports.
  • Cybercriminals can install a keylogger or other malware to steal your access code and passwords.
  • The use of public devices should be limited exclusively to accessing public information.
  • Never enter your login, bank details or any other personal information using this type of connection.

Don’t travel with company devices

  • Unless you have permission from your company, using your business devices (computer, tablet and cell phone) while traveling could compromise the security of your company’s employee and customer information.
  • It is therefore imperative that your company’s IT equipment is used exclusively for business purposes.
  • Do not use your personal device to access company systems and applications, unless authorized by your IT team.

 Notify your employer if you are taking a vacation outside the country

  • Notify your manager and IT team if you think you may need to connect to company resources while away from Quebec.
  • The team responsible for security will then be able to identify whether your attempt to connect from outside the company is legitimate or not.

Use a secure connection

  • If you need to connect for work from your vacation destination, be aware that your communications can be intercepted. Using a recognized and reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) will help encrypt your communications.
  • Activating secure connection sharing on your personal cell phone through a reputable provider may also be an option.

Stay alert to different types of attack

  • Never open suspicious emails or click on unknown links.
  • Whether on social media, by email or by telephone, never share sensitive information and, if you must, validate the identity of the requester using the official contact details of the company or organization.
  • Is someone pressuring you to provide information? Take a step back and think. Why do they need this information, and what’s the real urgency?

Be careful about sharing your photos and videos

  • Avoid posting your vacation photos and videos on social media while you’re traveling. Cybercriminals could take advantage of your absence to commit fraud or extort your friends, family or colleagues.

Keep applications and software updated

  • Software and application updates on your devices protect you against potential security breaches. Make sure your anti-virus and mobile applications are up to date.

Have a great vacation!


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