IT governance, risk and compliance services

Effective risk management and compliance with regulations are essential to ensure business continuity and the protection of sensitive data. Our team of specialized consultants is here to help you assess your posture or maturity in information technology, ensure compliance with Law 25, and provide support for cyber insurance.

Assessment of Overall Cybersecurity Posture

Executive and a detailed report on Cybersecurity and data protection risks, observations and proposed action plans.

Assessment of Compliance with Bill 25

Preparation of a report outlining the gap analysis and proposed action plans (policies, processes, security solutions).

Support for certification of norms and standards

Identification of controls and their effectiveness (NIST, ISO, CIS, Trustmark, etc.) or compliance with certifications (ISO, SOC2, CMMC, etc.). Support for patching and certification audits.

Cyber Insurance Support

Identification of gaps and opportunities for improvements to optimize insurance coverage or reduce costs.

Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS)

Delegate the function of Privacy Officer or the management of your compliance with various regulations/control frameworks without having to hire full-time resources.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection Governance

Put in place the roles, policies and processes needed to ensure your cyber resilience and IT compliance. Get a regular dashboard of your risks and action plans to address them.

Cybersecurity Risk and IT Supplier Management Processes

Ensure that your IT and Cybersecurity risk management processes are in place, and that you have the tools to manage the risks of your IT suppliers.

With our expertise in cybersecurity risk management and IT vendor management, we are your trusted partner to navigate the complex landscape of IT compliance and governance. Discover how our services can strengthen your security posture and ensure your company’s compliance in an ever-evolving digital world.

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