AuthPoint Supports Remote Cloud-Based Work

AuthPoint Supports Remote Cloud-Based Work

AuthPoint MFA is your first line of defense against hackers and other threats against your cloud-based applications and services. The format is as simple as it gets – you just sign up and use the existing programs to greatly improve your data protection while embracing the benefits of cloud-based services and data storage. Here is a closer look at how it works and will help your business do better.

How an MFA Service Helps

MFA is short for “multi-factor authentication” and requires more than just a simple password. With AuthPoint MFA, you can approve or deny various login tries with one touch on your smartphone or other mobile device. The simple yet effective program is easy to load, simple to use, and highly effective at protecting your vital and sensitive information. You get multi-layered protections that prevent unwarranted access and intrusions in the cloud-based

How to Get Started with AuthPoint MFA

Getting started is incredibly simple. There is no special equipment or specialized skills You just connect AuthPoint to your lightweight directory access protocol, which the digital technology industry commonly refers to as LDAP. The directory works as a database listing and firewall to prevent unauthorized access. You simply download the AuthPoint Gateway and connect to the RADIUS client tool. You do not need hardware of any kind or any special software to set up and start enjoying the benefits of AuthPoint MFA security protection.

How Subscriber Accounts Work

We provide subscription-based security that licenses and tracks each user. Our WatchGuard portal lists active AuthPoint user licenses and the history of use for each licensed user. You just click on the listed user license by using WatchGuard Cloud Subscriber accounts to view the relevant information and data. As a service provider, AuthPoint lets you add new licenses, add more users to an existing license, and extend user licenses while enabling full user data tracking.

Supports Mobile Technology

Your AuthPoint subscribers can use their mobile phones, tablet devices, and other mobile technology to sign up and use your system. Mobile technology is the preferred way for the vast majority of consumers to access the internet. Our cloud-based program fully supports mobile technology and ensures the widest reach for your base of subscribers. That gives them the greatest flexibility in signing up by

AuthPoint Supports Third-Party Apps and Software

AuthPoint works perfectly with Microsoft Office 365 and Firebox Mobile VPN. Several easily installed programs fully support two of the most commonly and widely used programs for communicating online and with mobile devices. The security is first-rate and continually optimized to ensure the best possible performance and results. You can add external users and ensure the system will perform flawlessly.

Try AuthPoint Free for 60 Days

You can learn firsthand just how well AuthPoint can serve your needs and protect your data. All new AuthPoint users get to try the platform free with a 60-day license. If you decide AuthPoint is the ideal solution for your 21st century computing and business needs, you can turn your 60-day free trial into a permanent paid service subscription.

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