Microsoft 365 will now include Office 365 and Teams

Microsoft 365 will now include Office 365 and Teams

For those who have a current Office 365 subscription, they will no longer be in use as of April 21, 2020. This is because all current subscriptions will change over to Microsoft 365 subscriptions. However, for shared groups, the cost is either $9.99 each month or $99.99 per year. Personal subscriptions will cost individuals $6.99 each month or $69.99 each year. There has been an expansion of Microsoft Teams for those who want to know what they have to look forward to. The interface will be a lot easier and friendlier than before. Also launched is a new family safety app that was created to assist parents in keeping up with their kids in the outside world. Take a look at all of the benefits below.

Microsoft Teams

Feel free to install the new Microsoft Teams app either on iOS or Android. You can take advantage of a new group chat feature that can be shared with a group of many people. While there is no official number as to how many people it can be shared with at once, it is a great way to share calendars and even grocery lists with the entire team. Tasks can even be assigned to each other, and locations can easily be tracked with team members in the group. This feature also allows for files to be stored more privately into a vault within the app.

Family Safety

While there are already some tools in place for parents to manage their kid’s safety, they have become a bit more repurposed. Now parents will have the advantage of tracking their kid’s screen time and keeping up with the sites they are viewing on the internet. Parents can now also control all apps that kids are downloading and be able to filter what games their kids have access to. Limits can now be set on devices. Parents will now also be able to receive notifications if and when their child leaves school, of course, when school eventually resumes. There are also features for student drivers who can benefit both the teen and the parents. Both parties will be given access to information, which can be beneficial when it comes to driving behaviours and driving habits while on the road. You can see how fast your teen is going as well as their locations.

Al Capabilities

Over the next several months, new capabilities will come to Office apps. Some of these capabilities include an improved connection for Outlook accounts. Outlook and calendar will also have an updated feature, which gives it a tighter combination of the two. Users will now be able to use an area code to find schools and combine their calendars with their school’s calendar. This is a perfect feature for keeping up with all updates coming from the school.

Excel has been incorporated into the mix for users to manage their money quickly. Both account balances and transactions will be imported automatically. This will give great insight as to how well you are managing your finances. It is helpful to know how much money is being spent on groceries each week or month. The new app will also roll out overdraft warnings and bank fees to help with much-needed clarity and assistance.

Another excellent feature for users to take advantage of is the new presenter coach feature, which will be available in Powerpoint. It will give feedback on how many times certain filler words were used. It will also listen to voice tones and give you some suggestions, especially for those speaking in a monotone, etc.

These are great new added features for both current and new 365 subscribers. For those looking for migration services for their Microsoft 365, please feel free to reach out to Secur01.

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