Qualities Every Computer Technician Should Have

Qualities Every Computer Technician Should Have

Computer technicians provide support to users, usually via a help desk or ticketing system used to track requests and resolutions. Techs may find employment through government agencies, private corporations and nonprofit organizations — anywhere that technical assistance may be required, including managed service providers.

Find out what traits mark successful computer technicians — who often have to deal with clients struggling to describe the error.

Detail-oriented Workflow

To resolve a trouble ticket or complete a work order efficiently, computer technicians need a detail-oriented workflow. Fulfilling the needs of the client often goes beyond appeasing the caller or ticket owner. Once the problem is identified, the tech fixes the issue or refers to the ticket to the correct workgroup. Clear communication includes properly documenting the original problem and the results of work completed to date. Paying careful attention to details ensures secure and reliable results.


The more willing a computer technician is to communicate, the easier it is to keep all concerned parties in the loop. Many companies outsource their help desk support to IT managed service partners to ensure consistent service and accountability. Tickets input by VIPs automatically receive expedited resolutions. However, every user deserves daily contact regarding the status of their request. When communicating with end-users, competent computer technicians provide clear explanations that laymen can understand.

Willingness to Share Knowledge

Willingness to share knowledge involves explaining how systems work on clarifying issues for clients, coworkers and supervisors. Individuals who hoard knowledge in a misbegotten bid for job security don’t make good computer technicians. To avoid this situation, many employers chose to hire MSPs with qualified consultants who freely share information and patiently train clients or direct them to those who can help them understand the systems they use.


Computer problems often occur after hours or on weekends. Computer technicians should expect to work irregular hours to meet client needs. This is particularly true following high priority outages. Companies often contract with IT service providers that offer after-hours technical support to avoid overwhelming regular staff members.

Problem-solving Skills

Those with innate problem-solving skills may do well as computer technicians. This indicates analytical and deductive abilities that help techs focus on diagnosing the problem and seeking out the most efficient resolution.

Apply Expertise to New Experiences

Some computer techs have many years of experience. This helps them remain calm through the logical process of finding a root cause. Outsourcing this function gives companies access to the most outstanding resources in the field. There’s a difference between a good tech and a great one. A good tech follows written instructions but cannot effectively deal with new situations. Great techs sail through documented procedures, even if they haven’t done them before.

Interest in Technology

An independent interest in technology doesn’t mean a computer tech has to sleep, walk and live technology. However, obtaining certifications and auditing online classes are two ways techs demonstrate their love for what they do. Expressing an interest in technology doesn’t mean giving up all your free time.

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