Everything to Know about Virtual Private Networks

Everything to Know about Virtual Private Networks

With today’s threats to cyber security constantly growing, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are rapidly becoming a key method of securing the activity, sensitive data, and location of all kinds of users. VPN clients include large, small, and medium sized businesses- but their largest ongoing area of growth is with the private consumer.

In the current state of cyber security and existing data threats, virtual private networks are increasingly a key way for users of all kinds to leverage secure protocols to protect their data. Those who do not use a VPN are being more and more directly targeted by hackers.

How Virtual Private Network Uses Tunneling Protocol to Protect Users?

On its simplest level, a VPN protects the location data of a mobile phone, smart device, tablet, computer, or other Internet-capable device by routing the connection through a server in another part of the world. This means that if you connect to the Internet in New York City, your VPN may use a server that is located in Switzerland. In this instance, a would-be attacker would believe that Switzerland is your actual location. It does this using what is called tunneling protocol. Tunneling protocol, like a tunnel, protects what is moving through the tunnel from the material surrounding the tunnel making it possible to “claim” that where the user’s activity emerges from the net is their actual location.

VPN software and service providers have access to an alternative VPN server which you can choose from a list of servers located throughout the world. This means you can change the location that you wish to appear to be accessing the Internet through. If you believe you are at a particularly high risk of a cyber attack, this may be a valuable security measure to take since the VPN will encrypt the data and the location of the user. But that is just one of the valuable benefits of using a VPN.

What Are Other Benefits of Using a VPN?

What makes the Internet valuable is its ability to give you access to the totality of human knowledge and existing produced content. Sometimes, the location from which you access the Internet is burdened by local restrictions which limit your access to the totality of online activity and material. That is where a VPN can make all the difference.

The other benefits of a VPN include:

  • The ability to bypass geo-restrictions
  • Protection while using open wi fi hotspots
  • Obtain a degree of anonymity
  • Avoid being logged while torrenting

Some streaming services and some pieces of content cannot be viewed or listened to by users in certain parts of the globe. If you were in Germany, for example, you would not be able to watch some YouTube videos or use certain streaming services. By spoofing your location with a VPN, you can easily bypass this restriction.

Wi fi hotspots offer an easy way to hack into any device that uses them. By using a VPN while accessing the Internet via an open wi fi network, you can appear to be accessing the Internet via a connection other than the local hotspot. In this way, VPN connections make you almost invisible to attackers working through that connection.

While powerful entities, such as governments, can see through the encryption provided by VPN protocols, their attacks generally represent a level of effort that is reserved for enemies of the state. In other words, you obtain a level of anonymity that is sufficient to protect against most attackers, giving you a functionally secure connection.

A VPN allows you to avoid being logged while downloading torrents. Some internet service providers believe all torrenting activity is illicit and may sanction you even if you access a non-Copywrite-protected file. A secure VPN protects you from such intrusions.

How to Choose the Best Virtual Private Network

One of the great things about virtual private networks is that there are a lot of merchants out there to choose from that offer VPN services. Depending on your needs, wants, and budget, there is almost certainly a VPN services provider out there to suit you perfectly. Here are a few of the most popular examples;

StrongVPN: Strong is one of the more advanced offerings available. It’s ideal for safer torrent downloading, or for more professional use. But it might take some getting used to in to get the most out of its features.

ExpressVPN: Express is the most popular, and arguably the most user-friendly VPN on the market. It is well known for its fast servers and for its affordable pricing schemes.

Tunnelbear: Tunnelbear is a great entry-level VPN. It is very easy to use and is often recommended for use on mobile devices at wi fi spots you find around town such as those at coffee shops and hotels.

Other Things You Can Do With a Virtual Private Network VPN 

With a long list of VPNs to choose from, each with a diverse set of capabilities, you can get a great deal of functionality out of them, above and beyond the ability to gain basic access to the internet securely.

Access Your Home or Business Network While You Travel

The ability of a VPN to encrypt data and spoof your location can be used no matter where you are. That means, while traveling, you can protect your IP address by using your VPN to look like you are working from home or from your usual business location. This is a great privacy feature if you don’t want network traffic and other prying eyes to see where you are in the physical world while you surf the web.

Hide Browsing Activity From Your ISP and Local Network

For reasons that are your own, you may not want people who have access to your local internet connection to see your activity. A VPN is perfect for this, as it makes it appear that you are accessing the Internet from the location of the server you have selected, which your VPN makes available- thereby keeping your private online activities truly private

Bypass Censorship Online

This is one of the most popular reasons for using a VPN. They allow you to enjoy content that is blocked by the authorities in your part of the world.


At the end of the day, the most important use for a Virtual Private Network is to protect your privacy, let you gain access to the Internet safely, and to throw hackers off your trail. As such, these tools have become essential for everyday data security for both businesses and for private use. But VPNs let you do much more, so much more- in fact- that you are sure to get your money’s worth with almost any VPN service out there.

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