An Overview of Barracuda Email Security

An Overview Of Barracuda Email Security

In today’s era, nearly everyone uses the internet to look for products, goods, and services. This has given people the ability to communicate with almost anyone at any time, mainly through the use of email. At the same time, this added connectiveness also makes people more vulnerable. Hackers may be able to hijack someone’s internet connection and steal important information. They may even decide to sell it online.

Therefore, it is essential for people to invest in the latest cybersecurity measures. This includes email protection. Barracuda Email Security is one of the leading options on the market when it comes to cybersecurity. Everyone must be familiar with this service, what it offers, and its benefits.

What is Barracuda Email Security?

The Barracuda Email Security is an email security service that users can select. This is based in the cloud and protects both inbound and outbound emails against malware. This could include spam, viruses, phishing, denial of service, and worm attacks. The Barracuda Email Security is updated regularly to ensure that users have access to the latest options on the market. There is even a Message Log with the Barracuda Email Security through which people can manage messages that might have been quarantined for later review. One of the most significant benefits of the Barracuda Email Security is the customizability that comes with the service.

Permissions Under the Barracuda Email Security

The administrator of the Barracuda Email Security service can also set permissions, which provides the user with an added degree of control. Some of the permissions in which people might be interested include:

  • Administrators can modify the quarantine notification settings. For example, they might want to alter the frequency with which they receive emails about the list of messages in the quarantined area.
  • The administrator can also create exemptions for various domains, users, and email addresses.
  • The quarantine area can either be modified to shift messages to the inbox or delete them completely.
  • The administrator has the power to change passwords, if necessary.
  • The administrators of the Barracuda Email Security can also link various accounts. This can help forward specific quarantined messages to a secondary area.

This is one example of the customizability of the Barracuda Email Security service.

What Messages Does the Barracuda Email Security Block?

The Barracuda Email Security could block several types of messages. The two biggest reasons why messages might be blocked include:

  • There are spam and virus policies that have been set by the administrator that include the messages in question.
  • There are email addresses or domains that have been blocked which cover the messages in question.

When someone goes to the quarantine area to take a look at the messages, they will be offered a variety of actions they can take. Some of the options include:

Whitelist: Messages that are moved to the whitelist will be permitted in the future.

Recategorize: The messages can have their categories changed; however, this will not impact how the domain is received in the future.

Export: The messages can be exported to a different file type called CSV. Then, they can be saved to the desktop or network.

Deliver: The email service will attempt to deliver messages to the mailbox.

These are a few of the many options that are available to users once they take a look at the messages in the quarantined area. Overall, the Barracuda Email Security is a robust system when it comes to stopping both spam and viruses. Companies and businesses need to rely on trained professionals who know how to find the right cybersecurity measures for their clients.

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