Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes People Make

The Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes People Make

Even though high-profile assaults make for major news when they target corporations, the reality is that cyberattacks can take place at all levels. Even the small mom and pop shop up the street is a target for criminals who are looking to take advantage of someone’s private information. For this reason, everyone must invest in high-quality cybersecurity services. When businesses and individuals rely on trained professionals for cybersecurity assistance, they can avoid some of the most common mistakes in this area.

Having a Weak Password

Without a doubt, the most common cybersecurity mistake that people make has a weak password. Sure, people want to make sure that they remember their passwords; however, the easier a password is to remember, the easier it is to guess as well. This includes passwords for sensitive accounts as well as VPN logins and even PINs for bank accounts. Weak passwords have been a significant issue since the first person used the word “password” as their password.

A good hacker can break the vast majority of passwords in a single day, which means that people need to make sure they have a strong password. Some of the most common passwords as last names followed by a number, names of pets, and phone numbers. Some people even opt to use the same password for multiple accounts, which is a bad idea. Instead, try to set up multi-factor identification whenever possible. If a single password is required, use symbols, numbers, and both upper and lower case letters.

Falling for Phishing Scams Via Email

Another common mistake that people make is falling for a phishing scam via email, text, or social media message. A phishing scam is a message that tries to get people to enter their personal information into a fake window, which then logs their keystrokes. After someone has surrendered their data, they may fall prey to identity theft.

To avoid the problems related to phishing scams, remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If it sounds suspicious, verify it by contacting the suspected user by phone (or the company they are pretending to be). If the message is unsolicited, do not click on any links or attachments. Finally, use common sense and don’t react using emotions.

Having Poor Network Administration

Most companies have their networks today; however, they need to be administered properly to avoid falling prey to cyberattacks. An effective network with strong security measures can act as a strong deterrent.

To properly secure networks, administrators need to focus on the devices that connect to the network. Administrators need to force users to shift machines away from default settings and passwords. They should also encourage users to change their passwords regularly. Finally, all data should be encrypted, and activities on these devices need to be monitored. Basic network security measures can go a long way toward preventing severe cyberattacks.

Using Out of Date Security Tools

Finally, too many companies and networks use security measures that are out of date. While it is annoying to restart a device so that an update can be installed, this is necessary for keeping hardware and software safe. As the world has seen with Spectre and Meltdown issues, there is plenty of malware out there that is not attached to files.

For this reason, all users need to steer away from technology that is out of date. Even though antivirus software is helpful, this is no longer a comprehensive solution. This software must be supplemented with application updates and strong operating systems. Furthermore, hiring a trained security specialist is also helpful.

Invest in Secur01 for Exceptional Cybersecurity Measures

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