Duo Push allows users to authenticate within just seconds since it features a one-touch option

Duo will make sure that all users using the platform are who they say they are before they can access any company data

Duo Security is a program that many businesses alike can take advantage of. It features two-factor authentication. It is also highly effective and very easy to use. It is also very easy to maintain once it is up and running. It is free for those looking to use it personally, however, for businesses, there are options available that are pretty reasonable. Second verification methods are important since passwords can easily be hacked. It is well worth it. Companies such as Toyota, Facebook, Yelp, Panasonic, and Etsy are using Duo Security.  

Duo Secuirty

The two-factor authentication system that is featured in Duo Security can be combined with VPNs, cloud services, and different websites. It is also a great system because it can be placed to work on smartphones, computers, and landlines. It is imperative that businesses find ways to keep their data protected especially when the network has many users and this info is being accessed on a wide range of devices. This can be hard to keep track of at times which means that the system is left vulnerable if it is not properly secure. Duo Security offers many businesses with the top of the line services for the ultimate protection. This is also highly beneficial for larger businesses since they tend to have a lot of moving variables and parts. The 2FA lets the person log in with their username and password. Afterward, they will log into another device of their choosing. The secondary password will be prompted such as a face scan or fingerprint scan. This is for verification purposes.

Compliance and Security hands in hands

Since you are in charge, you can give your users the appropriate amount of access that you feel is reasonable. With this feature, you can choose the security requirements for users and devices based on certain factors such as location.

Now you have the option of monitoring the condition of every device that is on your business platform in real-time. It does not matter if the device is managed by your corporate office or not. You now can customize the requirements needed for access at the device level.

Proper use of Duo can prevent almost any computer attack scenario

Now businesses can take advantage of a mobile workforce without worrying about exposing or doing any damage to the business information. This feature gives businesses solutions for remote access and also works in keeping any IT infrastructure that already exists secure.

Modern two-factor solutions have evolved

Two-factor authentication — there are so many different solutions, authentication methods, integration issues, and new security concerns cropping up in the market. With such a large diversity of vendors, it’s easy for IT security decision-makers to get confused about which solution is right for their organization.

Protects apps, users, and data

If your users can log into it, Duo Security can protect it. Duo Security is a cloud-delivered, two-factor authentication service that protects apps, users, and data. There are no servers or appliances to maintain: Simply create an account for your organization, configure a drop-in module for any application, server, or network infrastructure that you want to protect, and start using two-factor authentication.

Secure Access Starts With (Zero) Trust

For organizations of all sizes that need to protect sensitive data at scale, Duo’s trusted access solution is a user-centric zero-trust security platform for all users, all devices and all applications.

Why Duo Security Managed Services

It is important to identify every single person that is trying to access the network. This can easily be done using a second way to verify a person’s identity instead of a person just simply inputting their password. Passwords can easily be stolen or forgotten. The two-factor authentication makes sure that the person logging is in indeed who they are supposed to be. This adds an additional layer to the protection for all online accounts that belong to the company. All information that is saved within the cloud are also protected. Information that should not be accessed will always be kept secure.

Duo does not replace a good password

If you like Duo Security, you’re going to get Keeper Password Security. Keeper is an excellent solution for creating, storing and managing passwords securely. Create the unstoppable combo with an unbreakable password and double authentication.


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