Keeper is the most widely available password manager in the entire password management industry

Protection for customer information can only come from Keeper Security

From a business standpoint, this is an excellent tool to use to help with keeping their information secure and private information protected at all times from hackers and such. There are constant improvements to Keeper Security which is great for providing all customers and businesses with up to date technology and maximum protection at all times.

Businesses can rest assured that their identity control and security will be maximized with Keeper Password Security. This is because only one person will be given full control over data encryption and decryption. As an added layer of protection, there is an additional key known as the “data key,” which protects all of the record keys. Businesses will have the ability to create high strength passwords randomly.

Your passwords are stored behind a huge encryption

Businesses can rest assured that their user data is encrypted and decrypted at a particular device level and not on clouds or within the program’s server. You can count on all of your information to be protected with AES 256-bit encryption. Another encryption featured is PBKDF2. Both of these encryptions are a couple of the strongest available today.

The program also takes advantage of multi-factor authentication and logins that are biometric. It will use both the Android Wear device and Apple Watch to help with user identification.

We help your team migrate to this password manager

When there are changes, the teams are stressed. Passwords are a critical component of organizations and too often there is little control over the passwords used. This can translate into disaster in the event of an accident or the departure of a key person holding the passwords. Too often housekeeping teams find the passwords noted on forgotten pieces of paper. Say goodbye at that time. The revolutionary password manager entry has arrived. Get started with Keeper Password Security today.

Enforce strong password policies

It is safe to say that 81% of hacking-related breaches are a result of using weak passwords or password management policies that were not strongly enforced. Businesses do not have to worry about credit card or debit card information becoming exposed

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Extra layer of control

Businesses can also rest assured that they are given an extra layer of control of all users and devices on their network. For those administrators, access will be given to a cloud-based administrative console which will give them full control over many functions such as off-boarding and on-boarding. They will also be able to take advantage of two-factor authentication and single sign-on policies.

Secure files & password sharing

Management that is overseeing the program will be able to monitor password compliance and policies with some features such as notifications, auditing, and reporting. Teams will be able to securely share records and files varying from different sizes without having to worry about any data being exposed to outside sources.

How does Keeper help businesses

For those businesses that are still considering whether to use Keeper Security for their organization, it may help to know that Keeper is the most widely available password manager in the entire industry. It also is a great software program to take advantage of because many different platforms can access it as well as devices making it convenient for all. All vaults within Keeper Password Security can also be accessed in both offline and online mode. Users are also able to take advantage of a feature that allows them to autofill all of their credentials used for login. Overall, it has been noted as a really great investment for businesses. 

Consider adding double authentication

Do you take charge of the health of your passwords using Keeper? It’s good! This is not all, good IT hygiene also requires double authentication. This is to make sure that you are who you say you are and to give a greater degree of confidence.


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