Microsoft Azure lets you take full control of cloud technology and make it work for your SMB

Microsoft Azure and Cloud Technology Deliver Better ROI

A lot of businesses rely on computing power to get things done. If you are among the millions of business owners licensed to use Windows 2008, things are changing fast. You are about to lose all support for your server-based business programs. You need to plan ahead and prepare to move your entire business operation to cloud-based computing. The brilliant minds at Microsoft have made it much easier and more profitable with the advent of Microsoft Azure.


Whether your business is big or small, smart business owners use the internet and mobile technology. It keeps them connected with their business partners, clients, and customers. Microsoft Azure enables you to harness the power of cloud technology to streamline business services, critical communications, and cyber security all at once. Here is how it works best for SMB business owners. Servers cost a lot of money and need maintenance to stay reliable. Servers often crash, go offline, or need maintenance that renders them useless for potentially long periods of time. Cloud technology does away with all of that. Instead of paying for costly hardware space on a server, Azure enables SMB clients to do away with all of that with seamless cloud technology. It never goes down. It never crashes. It always works so that you can focus on making your business better.

We are experts in everything that attracts Azure

The Secur01 team includes Microsoft Azure certified members who will meet your needs. Our all inclusive managed services will help you get the most out of Microsoft Azure. By subscribing to our advantageous plans, you and your team can contact us as many times as you need to fully understand this innovative product.

Without the right tools and skills in place, across networks and data centres, you’re at risk from threats developed to attack blind spots in cloud security. Use Azure Virtual Machines, Managed Disks and SQL databases while providing high availability and network performance with Load Balancer. Make better decisions and create finer experiences using Machine Learning, Azure Databricks and HDInsight.

Secur01 helps you realize Microsoft Azure full potential

Secur01 Managed Azure Services provides continuous management of your Azure cloud solution so that your IT teams can focus on your core business, reduce operational overheads, reduce consumption costs and mitigate risks with protection and recovery services. data. In addition to Azure, we offer multi-cloud solutions that include public and private Secur01 clouds for flexible application placement and better performance and security. Leverage Secur01 expertise to optimize your Azure cloud environment.

Providing Azure hosting for every use-case

Many businesses invested in Microsoft technologies are seeking certified experts to assist them with the complexity of Microsoft® Azure® as they turn to the cloud. But accessing the resources and Azure expertise to handle architecture design, security and operations is a daunting task that can distract from an organization’s core business.

Managing your Azure services

Fanatical Support® for Microsoft Azure is the answer for businesses facing these challenges. Rackspace blends technology and automation with seasoned experts who deliver ongoing architecture, security and 24x7x365 operations. Gain access to hundreds of Microsoft-certified engineers and architects, so you can get the most out of your cloud investment.

Agile and forward-thinking

Most managed cloud providers are old-guard hosting companies that have had to move to cloud to keep with the times.  These businesses are stuck in the past, with long lead times, faceless ticketing systems and no way of dealing with out-of-hours incidents except waking their engineers in the middle of the night. Secur01 were built to thrive in the constantly shifting world of cloud.

Benefits of your Azure investment

Adaptive pricing & solutons

Our team of Azure experts manage your cloud so you don’t have to. Many businesses experience cyclical demand. Azure tailors services to meet those demands to optimize operating costs during seasonal highs and lows. 

Enhanced Security

Hardware systems face threats from many sources. Addressing them all requires dedicated staff for every server in use. That greatly increases costs while providing only a nominal level of security.

Migration included

You need to plan ahead to make the best strategic business decisions and learn more about how Azure will benefit your SMB. Instead of viewing the end of server support as a potential threat to your business, Microsoft Azure lets you take full control of cloud technology

Why Azure Managed Services

One size fits all is a horrible way to for technology to work. But that is what servers do: Force everyone to use the same technology no matter how diverse the business needs and demands. Azure and cloud technology enable more customized services that reduce costs by eliminating services that you do not need. Many businesses experience cyclical demand. Azure tailors services to meet those demands to optimize operating costs during seasonal highs and lows.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure brings capabilities to protect your data as native Azure VM snapshots, backup to Azure blob storage or backup to any other Veeam supported repository. Recovery options are equally flexible to minimize the risk of outage, with full and file-level recovery options within Azure or to any other Veeam supported.


Simplify your IT by entrusting to our team of experts, who will find an answer to all your problems.


Protect your customers and staff from the growing cyber attacks on businesses of all sizes.


Secure your investment and sleep easy knowing that your business is cyber resilient 24/7.

We know your time is important. Get started with a provider that cares.

Secur01 is more than an IT Helpdesk. We are a partner to your success.

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