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Recognize and Avoid Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are one of the biggest threats to your company’s security. In fact, according to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report (2019), a whopping 32% of data breaches involved phishing attacks. This crime costs companies time, money, reputation, and their clients’ privacy and privileged information. A successful phishing scheme can

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Are There Specializations in Computer Security?

Are There Specializations in Computer Security? In cybersecurity, it’s wise to specialize. Information security is not just about keeping the hackers at bay. There is a complete life cycle associated with risk management and the security process. The smallest business organizations may have just one or two people hired to

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Implementation Guidance: Email Domain Protection

The state of the world in 2020 is unlike anything we have ever experienced before. The complexities of living and working safely during the COVID-19 outbreak have trickled down to the IT world as criminal threats follow worker’s home. Financially motivated attacks on worker email accounts have only multiplied since the beginning

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How to Identify and Handle Malicious Messages

Every person in the world who is on the grid via an email address, mobile device, tablet, PC, or laptop receives spam. It has become the norm, and there are programs and software that block a vast majority of these fake messages, but some still seep in. This begs the

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How Are Managed IT Services Usually Priced?

There have been numerous advances in the world of business, and many of them have to do with new or updated technology. When it comes to technology, it seems to be progressing at a faster rate than ever before. This means that there are new devices that seem to be

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Tips for Organizations With Remote Workers

During the past few years, there has been a rapid rise in the number of workers who work remotely. Numerous benefits come with working remotely. This includes both companies and workers. On the company side, working remotely allows companies to reach out and cast a wider net when it comes

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What Is the Real Cost of Data Breaches?

Everyone must take steps to protect their data. In some cases, data breaches can take place. For those who might not know, a data breach takes place when a person or entity gains access to data that he or she should not be able to access. When these breaches take

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WatchGuard: Basic Security VS. Total Security

In today’s business world, nearly every company depends on its network to run its day to day operations. This includes storing sensitive information on its employees, its customers, and its company as a whole. With the tremendous amount of data that is transmitted across these networks, companies must take steps

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