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The 3-2-1 Backup Rule

There are countless businesses that rely on electronic storage services to keep their information safe from harm. This might be a physical server or it could be a cloud storage solution. Regardless, one of the main purposes of this electronic storage is to provide a backup copy of the data

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Why You Need to Migrate to Windows 10

Although there are plenty of solid reasons why some may feel the need to stick with Windows 7, there is also a vast array of reasons to upgrade to Windows 10. Indeed, although many people tend to avoid making optional upgrades to computer systems like the plague, they often do

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How do virtual machines work?

There have been a number of major advances in the field of technology over the past few years and one of the biggest developments has been the growth of something called a virtual machine. For those who might not know, a virtual machine allows someone to run an operating system

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What Is the Definition of Sustainable IT?

As a business leader, you might feel like sustainability and profitability cannot go together. In some cases, this line of thinking is correct; however, the discussion should not end there. Instead of assuming the two are diametrically opposed, it is a good idea to try to find a way to

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Getting started with Office 365 Backups

While many businesses do not like to think about worst-case scenarios, the reality is that an interconnected world leaves everyone vulnerable to some extent. This is where cybersecurity is essential. The start of any cybersecurity discussion is going to involve the realization that no business is 100 percent safe as

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How Managed IT Services Will Help Your Business

There are many companies that are looking for ways to improve their technology departments in today’s market. One of the most attractive options is to go with managed IT services. When companies decide to invest in managed IT, this is a solid base on which the business can build. This

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Protecting Office 365 User Data

The growth of Microsoft Office 365 has led to a paradigm in the market. Now, business data is more portable than ever before. This is creating a revolution in where and how someone can run a business. With more people than ever wanting to work remotely, Office 365 is only

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How IT Staffing Can Save You Time & Money

IT positions are some of the most desired jobs in the economy right now. As a result, the cost to hire a full-time IT professional can be high. Combine this with the turnover in the field and the time it takes to train an IT pro, and this can cost

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