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As organisations increasingly link more and more of their operational processes to their cyber infrastructure, effective cyber security is key to an organisation’s ability to protect its assets, including its reputation, intellectual property (IP), staff and customers. For organizations, particularly those that retain financial and other sensitive company and customer data, cybersecurity is critical, as the results of a network breach could be catastrophic.

Secur01 is an IT company that specializes in cybersecurity. It offers a wide range of cybersecurity services and products to individuals, businesses and organizations. Specifically, the company raises awareness of cybersecurity issues, warns their customers of existing and potential cybersecurity threats, initiate protection measures, and set up continuing protection mechanisms to insulate their customers’ systems from future cyber attacks. The good thing is that the company offers both on-site and off-site protection against cyber attacks.

Do you think your organization has been breached?

A compromise assessment seeks to find out if your business or organization has been hacked. Secur01 achieves this by monitoring your systems in real-time and providing crucial information into the motivation of the cyber-criminal. This way, your business or organization can know whether it’s a target for a cyber attack or not. The company takes the time to discover weaknesses in your system security architecture and configuration. Examples of weaknesses the company focuses on include security software and missing patches. The company then comes up with valuable insight into protection efforts that can help your business or organization’s security team to respond to such threats.

Active Directory

Active Directory management is part of the server or network monitoring and management processes, which ensure that Active Directory is behaving as required and is always maintained up to date.

Business continuity planning

We understand how critical it is to find sustainable business process improvements in an ever-changing world. You streamline and automate your processes while complying with regulations and minimizing risks.

Data Recovery Strategy

Data recovery strategies include hot sites, spare or underutilized servers, the use of noncritical servers, duplicate data centers, replacement agreements, and transferring operations to other locations.

IT Director

Your IT Director will help you resolve issues such as supplier relationships, strategic planning, equipment purchases and special projects. Your IT manager will also ensure that customer support has everything to help you properly in the event of an adverse event.

Risk Management

Risk management is the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks followed by a coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor and control the probability or impact of unwanted events.

Threath Intelligence

Threat intelligence gives you a context that helps you make informed decisions about your security by answering questions such as who attacks you, what are their motivations and capabilities, and what indicators of compromise in your systems.

Here are the main cybersecurity services you’ll get when you choose Secur01

As your IT business grows, so does your threat level of cyber attack. You need a solid vulnerability management plan to prevent these threats from becoming real attacks. Developing such a plan can take a lot of time and resources. Secur01 can help you develop this plan quickly and inexpensively.


Audit & Diagnostic

Secur01 cybersecurity audit and diagnosis service seeks to discover where a business or organization may be vulnerable and implement measures to seal those vulnerable areas. It also seeks to discover if the business or organization complies with security protocols and suggests steps to ensure compliance.


Strategy & Planning

Strategizing and planning can help your business and organization prevent information risks related to cybercriminals, processes and technology. It also helps it adequately insulate the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of information. Secure01 strategy and planning services focus on 6 areas;


Cyber Implementation

For a cybercrime to happen, a person and technology must be involved. So, to fight it, businesses need skilled people with excellent communication, and the best technology. Secur01 has the most skilled IT experts and the best technology and backup plan to fight cybercrime.


Monitoring & Management

Cybersecurity monitoring seeks to detect cyber threats and cyber-attacks. It’s a vital component of cyberattack risk management, which helps businesses and organizations detect cyber attacks early and neutralize them before they cause any damage.

The current business environment is so competitive that if you do not have efficient IT services, you will not attract customers. One way to gain an advantage over your competitors is to outsource your IT services. Secur01 offers the best IT services you can count on.

It’s expensive to hire a well-trained analyst to help detect and neutralize cyber attacks, Secur01 offers affordable solutions.

Secur01 simulates or gives you an overview of how cybercriminals could take advantage of vulnerabilities in your computer network. Most small businesses have neither the ability nor the ability to simulate real cyberattacks. This simulation allows you to discover the vulnerable areas of your network and seal them. Secure01 helps you put in place a powerful strategy that will help you recover your data quickly and safely after a cyber attack to ensure you continue with the critical functions of your business. We will find an effective response and produce failsafe management plan against cyberattacks. This plan aims to reduce the damage caused by any cyber attack and protect your business as quickly as possible.


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Protect your customers and staff from the growing cyber attacks on businesses of all sizes.


Secure your investment and sleep easy knowing that your business is cyber resilient 24/7.

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