Bitdefender layered next generation endpoint protection platform

Now is the perfect time to explore the benefits Bitdefender has to offer your business

In a world where businesses face increasing threats when it comes to the security of their information, trade secrets, finances, and even their ability to conduct business from cyber threats, finding the right antivirus solutions takes on increasing importance. Bitdefender GravityZone brings business security front and center offering a sensible managed solution for all your business security needs.


There are so many tools and solutions available that only address specific threats. You want to make sure you get robust protection that will provide large-scale protection for your computer, whether you use it for business or personal reasons. Bitdefender offers protection against threats like viruses, worms, malware, Trojans, ransomware and its active protection can even protect against some of the most persistent zero-day exploits, rootkits and other spyware.

Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security offers comprehensive protection for physical and virtual environnements

Bitdefender’s 2020 lineup has it all, from a basic free version to a super-premium package that includes unlimited VPN service and priority tech support. Bitdefender also protects your mobile devices and offers security and antispam for Exchange mailboxes – all managed from a single console. Even the cheapest paid Bitdefender program has a hardened browser, ransomware protection and easy customization.

Bitdefender Internet Security adds parental controls, file encryption, a two-way firewall, anti-spam screening and webcam and microphone protection. Bitdefender’s malware detection starts with a scanner that hunts for known threats, supplemented by a heuristic monitor that looks for behavioral signs of an infection. Potential new dangerous threats get uploaded to Bitdefender’s servers for a fix. Malware-definition updates are sent several times a day to 500 million systems running Bitdefender software. If having items collected from your computer seems a little creepy, you can opt out. You’ll still get all the security updates.

Bitdefender delivers an enviable combination of fast scans and minimal impact on system performance

Bitdefender is one of the best antiviruses on the market, even rivalling big names like Norton and Kaspersky. Bitdefender GravityZone Email Security combines multiple powerful engines and technologies helping MSPs stop spam and ransomware, phishing or impersonation attempts before they reach employees. A single console gives you comprehensive protection for your workstations and servers, physical or virtual. GravityZone Business Security blends machine learning and heuristics with signatures and other techniques to offer protection against all types of malware, plus threats such as phishing, ransomware, exploits and zero-days.

Safe from all new and existing threats

Bitdefender’s multi-layer protection protects your documents, photos and videos from all known and emerging threats, including ransomware and malware. Identifying, assessing, and correcting endpoint weaknesses effectively is essential to running a healthy safety program and reducing organizational risks. Endpoint Risk Management is an infrastructure to reduce exposure and harden the surface of endpoints, by discovering and prioritizing configuration errors in software and operating systems at risk.

Performance without compromise

What sets Bitdefender apart from most other antivirus programs available today is that it offers continuous real-time protection. It scans all files viewed and emails to detect known threats. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are key to tackling a wider and more sophisticated threat landscape than ever before. Unlike other providers, Bitdefender has years of experience in perfecting these technologies.

Easy to install and use

Bitdefender has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to install, configure and customize to your needs. The GravityZone console will be available immediately after registration to help your administrators gain an overview of the threats your organization faces.

Why Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

Bitdefender GravityZone is more than just an ordinary antivirus program. It is a total security management platform that protects physical, virtualized and mobile environments. This means your data and business technology are protected, on multiple fronts, thanks to the power of the Bitdefender brand. Another reason why users appreciate Bitdefender is that although it slightly slows down your computer, the amount of computer slowdown is less than any other comparable antivirus program available on the market today. Bitdefender does it all while being a top protector of zero-day. For example, one of the most serious ransomware attacks – WannaCry – which hit businesses around the world in May 2017, was blocked by GravityZone’s machine learning algorithms and anti-exploit techniques. No GravityZone client has been affected.

Security is not complete without WatchGuard

With Bitdefender, you protect your devices from threats aimed at disrupting your system, but a security solution is not complete without a firewall that allows you to have a complete view of your network. Learn more about our WatchGuard security solutions now.


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