With Barracuda Email Security Gateway, protection against inbound malware, spam, phishing, and denial of service attacks ensures that business productivity is not affected by attacks through the email system.

Leverage powerful technology to ensure email protection

These days, almost everyone uses the Internet. It has given people the ability to communicate with nearly anyone at any time, mainly through the use of email. At the same time, this increased connectivity also makes people more vulnerable. Therefore, people need to invest in the latest cybersecurity measures. This includes email protection. Barracuda Email Security is one of the market’s leading options for protecting your email with a cloud-based email security service that protects inbound and outbound email from malware. This can include spam, viruses, phishing, denial of service, and worm attacks. Barracuda Email Security is updated regularly to ensure users have access to the latest options on the market.


Furthermore, Barracuda Email Security also has a message log where people can manage their messages that could have been quarantined and tagged as false positives until people decide to release them. The personalization of the Barracuda service is one of its main features. This allows individuals to take Barracuda Email Security and customize it to meet their individual needs. There is also a Barracuda Spam firewall that scans all incoming files, including emails using advanced antivirus technology. This allows Barracuda Email Security to identify emails that may come from known spammers and malware vendors. Then the exchange server can take a look at the domains that have been embedded in the emails. In this way, Barracuda Email Continuity Service eliminates emails that may include spam or malware sites, providing the most advanced protection on the market against Barracuda networks.

The Barracuda Spam Firewall scans email and incoming files using three layers of powerful virus scanning technology

Barracuda Spam Firewall leverages Barracuda Central to identify emails from known spammers and determine if domains embedded in emails lead to known spam or malware sites for the most up-to-date protection against the latest threats being transmitted by email. In this way, it takes advantage of the advanced features of Barracuda’s global network and continuously updated cloud to forward resource-intensive tasks, such as scanning large attachments and handling email spikes.

Barracuda Email Security is continually refining its functionality to ensure it meets user needs. The vast majority of businesses don’t have the time or resources to keep up with the latest digital advancements. Barracuda Spam Firewall leverages the power of Barracuda’s continuously updated global cloud to offload resource-intensive tasks such as scanning large attachments and handling email spikes.

We will tweak email filters until perfection is reached

The integration of email filtering requires many adjustments. Most businesses don’t have the time or attention to meet this need on their own. We are the ideal partner for placing security filters on your emails. We know you depend on your emails to be up and running at all times. If you lose access to your network, all of your business activities can stop. That’s why our solution has proven to protect the world’s largest companies. Barracuda Email Security is a solution that prevents spam, phishing emails, and, most importantly, prevents zero-day attacks that could compromise your network.

Protection from Email-borne Threats

Barracuda Email Security Gateway manages and filters all email traffic to protect organizations from email-attached malware, suspicious domains, and data leaks. As a complete email management solution, Barracuda Email Security Gateway allows businesses to encrypt email while leveraging the cloud to spool email if email servers become unavailable. This provides advanced protection for employees, managers and more.

Stop threats before they hit the network

While it is nice to be able to cope with acute attacks, it is always best to prevent them from happening when possible. This is where Barracuda’s digital security comes in handy. This allows users to move resource-intensive tasks like antivirus and DDoS filtering to the cloud. This reduces the processing load on computers and networks, ensuring that threats never reach the perimeter of the network. The Barracuda Email Security Gateway is integrated with a cloud service that prefilters emails before transmitting them to Barracuda Email Security Gateway on-site. Then, this gateway performs additional inbound security checks and outbound filtering to ensure that all emails are safe.

Ensure continuous email availability

We understand that email is an essential service for your business. If you experience an outage in your mail server, it can severely limit your business operations. We provide a layer of cloud protection with your Barracuda Email Security Gateway, allowing you to spool emails for up to 96 hours. You also have the option of redirecting traffic to a secondary server. In this way, we protect your messaging and maximize your availability.

Why Barracuda Email Security Services

Barracuda Essentials Email Security is a scalable, cloud-based email security solution that completely protects your organization against advanced email attacks and data loss, helping you to minimize disruption to your business. This service includes enterprise-class technologies that leverage Barracuda’s most advanced features to collect data on potential threats across all vectors in the network. Finally, this service also provides detailed policy management and monitoring options, allowing you to tailor this service to your needs. Barracuda Essentials Email Security protects against spam, viruses, and other types of known malware. Contact us today to learn more about Barracuda Security!

Office 365

Office 365 + Barracuda Email Security goes a long way. Check out our Office 365 page to find out what this powerful suite has to offer.


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