As your business and IT infrastructure grows in volume and complexity, so does your attack surface.

Developing a true vulnerability management program requires time and resources​

Secur01 uses Rapid7 UnsightVM to offload daily operations to our vulnerability management experts and extend coverage across the entire attack surface so you can create a successful program. Managed VM provides tailor-made recommendations to manage, execute and optimize remediation in your environment and reduce your overall risk exposure. By combining our team of experts with our cutting-edge technology, InsightVM, you can develop a Vulnerability management program to stay ahead of the latest attacker trends and proactively defend your perimeter.

Identify vulnerabilities that have the most dramatic impact on your risk exposure

Scanning is an important part of vulnerability management, but just identifying vulnerabilities isn’t enough to measurably reduce risk. By engaging our experts, you get the support and guidance you need to build, execute, and optimize a comprehensive program.

Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing solution will help you assess the vulnerabilities of your network and the weaknesses of your continuity plan. A PenTest must be included in all threat preparedness programs.


Simplify your IT by entrusting to our team of experts, who will find an answer to all your problems.


Protect your customers and staff from the growing cyber attacks on businesses of all sizes.


Secure your investment and sleep easy knowing that your business is cyber resilient 24/7.

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