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The whole Secur01 team is shaken by the crisis situation which crosses our connected world. We want to let all of our customers know that our team is fully operational and dedicated to providing you with an unrivaled support experience, even in these times of crisis.
We want to start by wishing you, your family and your loved ones health and safety. We also want to take a moment to assure you that the safety of our customers and employees is a top priority for us. During our five years of existence, we have undergone many trials, but it is always by focusing on what we know to be best for our customers, partners and employees that we have been able to stand out from the competition and to evolve.

 This crisis reminds us of the importance of a continuity and disaster recovery plan. Indeed, there are not only hacking incidents that your business should be wary of and prepare for. All kinds of unforeseen natural disasters, such as fires, floods, storms and of course, pandemics, can put your business at risk. We want to reassure you; Secur01 will continue to work proactively with current and future customers to help their teams prepare for remote work.

The health and safety of your employees is important to us. If you need a personal visit by one of our technicians, rest assured that he will maintain the social distance mandate of two meters throughout his visit and will use antiviral disinfectant wipes to clean all the surfaces with which he will enter in contact.

If you are not already a Secur01 customer and would like more information on implementing a remote work strategy, if you have any questions or need assistance, please to contact our support team, we will offer immediate assistance and open your account only after the emergency has passed. Take advantage of our instant support in this time of crisis.

Secur01 is your company’s first respondent in these difficult times.

Frédérik Bernard, President and founder of Secur01 Inc.

You can read our press release about COVID-19 here.


Business Continuity

Employee Safety

We offer IT Support for your remote workers instantly

Our IT support services are flexible and adapt to each situation. Our team has extended training and certifications to assist you in various tasks, while respecting best industry practices. We also exceptionally support new customers instantly and only open the account after the crisis.

Need more capacity for your remote workers, no problem

Cloud computing is the provision of IT resources on demand via the Internet, with pricing depending on your use. Instead of buying, owning, and managing physical servers and data centers, you can access the technology services, such as computing power, storage, and databases, from a cloud provider as you like.

Take this time home to work on a Business Continuity Plan

No one can predict the future; however, you can be ready with a sound business continuity plan. Getting a plan in place shows your employees, shareholders and customers that you are a proactive organization; it improves overall efficiency in your company and helps you allocate the right financial and human resources to keep your firm up and running during a serious disruption.

Your workers are now remote and safe, but your servers are under attack

Incident response is the methodology an organization uses to respond to and manage a cyberattack. An attack or data breach can wreak havoc potentially affecting customers, intellectual property company time and resources, and brand value. An incident response aims to reduce this damage and recover as quickly as possible. Investigation is also a key component in order to learn from the attack and better prepare for the future. Because many companies today experience a breach at some point in time, a well-developed and repeatable incident response plan is the best way to protect your company.


Simplify your IT by entrusting to our team of experts, who will find an answer to all your problems.


Protect your customers and staff from the growing cyber attacks on businesses of all sizes.


Secure your investment and sleep easy knowing that your business is cyber resilient 24/7.

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