What Is Workstation Monitoring

With the increasing dependence on remote workstations and technology as a whole, many companies are shifting to something called workstation monitoring. While this is also called workstation surveillance, the primary purpose of workstation monitoring is to monitor every workstation at a company, detecting problems before they start to cause significant issues. The thinking is that instead of reacting to situations when they take place, why not be proactive and try to prevent them in the first place? There are a few key points that every organization should know when it comes to workstation monitoring.

The Purpose of Workstation Monitoring

The overall purpose of workstation monitoring is to measure the availability and performance of machines. In workstation monitoring, IT professionals will regularly check on the physical condition of various workstations. The goal is to optimize the performance of the company’s hardware and software by scheduling maintenance promptly in such a way that it will prevent breakdowns and minimize downtime. The good news is that workstation monitoring can be employed regardless of the operating systems the company use. This includes Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Some of the components of workstation monitoring include:

  • Checking on the physical condition of the machine by taking a look at possible hard drive errors, the temperature of the machine, and the last time it went in for maintenance.
  • Analyzing the load of the workstation, including the number of requests it handles, the number of people it uses, and the network power it takes up to ensure that all workstations are being used to an appropriate extent
  • Taking a look at the uptime of the application, ensuring that any downtime is minimized and that response times remain high
  • Figuring out the performance of the network which includes the error rates, the quality of the service it provides, calculating latency, and analyzing throughput

Of course, the efficiency of each machine is only one part of workstation monitoring. Another essential component is testing the effectiveness of the company’s security measures.

Prioritizing Cybersecurity

Another major benefit that comes with workstation monitoring is making sure the security measures are robust. Surveillance is key when it comes to stopping attacks on workstations. Some of the advantages of the come with workstation monitoring and security include:

  • The ability to detect corrupted files using messages that are written in system logs, taking a look at where the files came from
  • Saving information on attacks that might have been foiled by the firewall to make sure that all vulnerabilities are covered
  • Reviewing reports on the company’s security settings, ensuring that all malware is dealt with appropriately
  • Tracking any violations of security rules

These are some of the most essential parts of security when it comes to workstation monitoring.

Improve the Reliability of the Network

Finally, workstation monitoring will also improve the overall reliability of the system. This is done by anticipating problems and incidents that might take place within the system. This allows breakdowns to be identified before they happen, ensuring that measures are in place to increase uptime and improve reliability.

This information can also be used to plan migration projects at appropriate times to reduce their length. This saves time and money, reducing downtime and ensuring the systems get up and running again as quickly as possible. Anyone who is planning a migration project should rely on trained professionals.

Count on the Professionals at Secur01

At Secur01, we are a rapidly growing IT and cybersecurity firm. We know the importance of workstation monitoring and will ensure that all of our clients’ systems are overseen, anticipating problems before they start to cause issues within the network. We can do the same for your company as well. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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