Why You Need to Migrate to Windows 10

Why You Need To Migrate To Windows 10

Although there are plenty of solid reasons why some may feel the need to stick with Windows 7, there is also a vast array of reasons to upgrade to Windows 10. Indeed, although many people tend to avoid making optional upgrades to computer systems like the plague, they often do so in ways that can serve to sacrifice their computers to various viruses and other harmful programs and parties. That said, the following is a list of reasons you need to migrate to Windows 10 today.

Tech Support

One of the significant reasons you need to migrate to Windows 10 is that there is no tech support for those using Windows 7. While, on the surface, this may not seem to be too big of a deal, in those rare instances in which you may need to contact and get assistance from technical support, you no longer have that option. Additionally, this leaves your computer more vulnerable to hacks, viruses, malware, and other dangerous things. However, by migrating to Windows 10, you will regain your access to tech support.

Fast Configuration

Another benefit of migrating your system to Windows 10 is faster configuration. This is great for both personal and business preferences. No matter what your preferences are, they can be saved to the cloud to be accessed and restored at any time. Therefore, if you have certain essential preferences of your computer, you can automatically configure these on other computers with Windows 10. Moreover, if you own a company that includes a particular, company-wide configuration, you will be able to ensure that all company computers comply with this configuration preference as soon as they are launched and setup.

Better Updates

No matter how much you love Windows 7, it is highly doubtful that you can do without those much-needed system updates. These updates typically serve to make your computer safer and faster. However, by sticking with Windows 7, you will not be getting any substantial updates. This means you will reap none of the benefits of the new technology, safety mechanisms, or other aspects of these upgrades. However, Windows 10 comes complete with the Windows Update Tool, which includes the Unified Update Platform (UUP), which makes for easy, streamlined updates. In particular, many love the UUP because it takes into account the specific needs of each user and downloads only the updates that each computer needs. Moreover, the UUP can reduce the size of Windows updates by up to 35%.

Migrate to Windows 10 with Secur01

Overall, while Windows 7 was once a cutting-edge operating system, its time has come and gone. Despite individual reluctance, overall, the vast majority of computer users have readily embraced Windows 10, with little to no backlash. While it can be difficult getting used to new operating systems, putting your entire computer at risk to maintain the status quo is ill-advised. No matter if you are trying to save time or money, refusing to migrate to Windows 10 will likely cost you much more in the end.

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