The 3-2-1 Backup Rule
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Countless businesses rely on electronic storage services to keep their information safe from harm. This might be a physical server, or it could be a cloud storage solution. Regardless, one of the main purposes of this electronic storage is to provide a backup copy of the data in case something happens to the original. Data could be stolen or corrupted in a cyberattack, or it might be lost in the event of a natural disaster.

Backup data is critical in today’s world. Without it, companies could lose years of data overnight. When storing data, one of the most important rules by which to abide is called the 3-2-1 backup rule.

What is the 3-2-1 Backup Rule?

The 3-2-1 backup rule is broken up into three parts. To follow this rule, individuals and companies should have:

  • Three separate copies of all hard data
  • Two separate media formats
  • With one copy of the data off-site

To make sure that everyone understands, the three data copies should be three redundant copies of the same data that has been spread across different underlying storage options, not the same file on the same computer.

When it comes to different media types, this means that the data should be stored in different ways. Some of the most common options include tape, a hard drive, or a cloud storage solution.

Finally, one copy of the data needs to be kept off-site. The data could be sent through a third-party; however, it needs to be at a different location in case something happens to the first location.

The entire goal of this process is to mitigate risk. If something happens to the original copy of the data, it can be restored from a backup. If the backup data has been stored in different media types in other locations, this makes it harder to eliminate all copies of the data at once.

Test the Backup Options Regularly

Of course, this backup storage system is only going to work if the backups work as intended. To make sure the backups work, they need to be tested regularly. Hopefully, when the backups are tested, they function well without a hitch.

To test the backups, they should be accessed safely and regularly. Then, try to move some of the data to another system. Open the data and make sure it works as intended. The data should be easy to read and understand. Graphics should appear just as planned. The data files should not be corrupted in any way. This will ensure the backups work well if they are called upon to address a serious issue.

Consider Storage Options

When someone is considering the various options to store data, there are a lot of choices from which to choose. Companies need to take the time to find the option that is going to work the best for their needs.

For example, some people might work best with a direct-attached storage option. This is one of the fastest storage types; however, users need to think about the various operating system updates and make sure that there aren’t any vulnerabilities in this storage option.

Others might prefer something called network-attached storage, often shortened to NAS. This is one of the most convenient storage options. The share is presented through a network and has multiple gateway servers that are in contact with it. This creates an optimal throughput situation for backups.

To review and find the right storage option, it is a good idea to work with trained IT professionals.

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