Setup Security For Remote Work

While many businesses are set up to work remotely, for the time being, many risks come along with it, especially if the time is not taken to keep everyone’s data and the network entirely secure properly. There have been many cybersecurity threats that have been made against companies making them more vulnerable during this time as they have begun to work remotely.  Many advantages come along with being productive and prepared to set up work remotely.

Implement the Zero Trust Security Model

There are many hackers out there that are looking for vulnerable companies so that they can compromise whatever information they need to despite there being a current ongoing crisis. Businesses should implement the Zero Trust model to protect their security on their network. This is a perfect tool used to verify both the identity of the device and user everywhere on the network.

Take Advantage of Multi-Factor Authentication

Authentication requests are essential since many people are beginning to work remotely, and many home networks are not secured. There are various ways in which an attacker may disguise their attempts to log in alongside the increase in traffic. Multi-factor authentication can make sure that all sign-in requests that are new are kept protected.

Consider Using VPNs

VPNs are essential to implement because businesses make themselves more vulnerable to attacks once they have more connections to the internet. VPNs allow you to control all access in one. If your business doesn’t already have one, consider using one. They are excellent in preventing connections from sources that are not identifiable. Authenticate your VPNs if you already have them.

Device Management

Implement device management setups since many employees may be accessing work networks directly from their devices. This will save you a considerable headache. You want to make sure that you can monitor both business devices and employee’s devices by making sure that they are cooperating with security measures. It is possible to limit specific client data as well as control what apps you will allow to be installed on particular devices.

Tools to Help With Threat Detection

There are many threat detection programs that you can take advantage of within Microsoft cloud platforms to help with controlling traffic through your network.

Office Protect

This program provides additional layers of protection to help reduce breaches and attacks on your business network.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection

Please take advantage of ATP to help with identity verification and to restrict destructive files once they are detected. This handy tool will also help with detecting malicious files by scanning them before they can be opened.

Online Backup Tools

Businesses also face threats to their data from ransomware attacks. This is why it makes it even more necessary for companies to back up their data using an online backup tool. These backups will be taken from cloud servers, Macs, and PCs.

Educate Users

Make sure to educate your employees about these tools and how to make use of them. For attacks to decrease, employees need to be adequately trained on the new processes that are now in place.

Final Thoughts

It makes sense to spend time making sure that all networks and data within your company are protected before allowing employees to partake in remote work. Avoid having to worry about fixing issues later because you failed to take the necessary measures to protect your system now. It is well worth implementing and will allow businesses to presume as usual once things get back to normal.

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