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Technology can increase your productivity, lower your costs, and improve your customer service. Businesses are increasingly dependent on IT. While your team is monopolized in managing day-to-day operations, large projects do not progress as planned. Entrust Present with IT management, partially or entirely, so you can focus on the essentials. We manage technologies such as servers, storage, networking, cloud computing, AWS, Azure, power i systems, AIX, linux, windows, VMware, active directory, IP telephony, mobility, etc.

Customer Support

We have a full team of experts that allows you to get your own IT service on demand at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house resources and accessing higher levels of expertise. We will install our remote support software and take care of the management of your IT infrastructure.

Turnkey point of service

Instead of dealing with several hosts and suppliers, we make your third parties, all our problem. If a problem that is out of our immediate control arises, we will deal with your suppliers to make it work.

Proactive Maintenance

We keep an eye on your systems at all times to ensure the proper functioning of your services and devices while increasing their lifespan. We will also keep your software and operating systems up to date for optimal security and stability.

Reduced downtime

On-call IT support companies increase their profits when you take a break from netowkr. Our business model, based on monthly fees, ensures that we work very hard to maintain your system and prevent problems before they arise.

Fast support

Your employees will have access to our high quality support service. Call us or send us a support ticket and your problem will be quickly resolved by one of our experts.

Service plans

Secur01 offers a variety of service plans to meet the diverse needs of its customers, depending on their size, industry and business objectives. Of course, it is also possible to create a tailor-made plan if none of the ones presented below suit your needs. All of our plans are designed to provide an excellent level of service, fast and reliable, which gives you access to our best experts. Our plans are described in detail, so there are no surprises. We document all of our processes so that our service is consistent and efficient. We are proud of our organization and our professionalism.

We know your time is important. Get started with a provider that cares.

Secur01 is more than an IT Helpdesk. We are a partner to your success.

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