Changes in security automation technology enable SecOps teams to tackle security at scale and protect companies against serious threats.

Secur01 is responsible for the ongoing, operational component of your enterprise information security​

In a perfect world, your organization would staff a 24×7 SOC—and have no trouble finding the budget or talent to do so. But the truth is, most organizations can’t afford a 24×7 SOC. The cost of having well-trained analysts onsite at all times outweighs the benefits. Staying ahead of advanced cyberthreats is hard. And detecting unknown or hidden threats is even harder. Secur01 will do the monitoring and analyze activity on networks, servers, endpoints, databases, applications, websites, and other systems, looking for anomalous activity that could be indicative of a security incident or compromise.

Clickless and fileless attacks grew by 256% over 2019


The first step in setting up a Security Operation Center for an organization is to clearly define a strategy that integrates the business objectives of different departments as well as the contributions and support of managers. Once the strategy has been developed, the infrastructure necessary to support the strategy must be implemented. Technology must be in place to collect data via data streams, telemetry, packet capture, syslog and other methods so that data activity can be correlated and analyzed by Secur01 staff. Our security operations center also monitors networks and endpoints to detect vulnerabilities, protect sensitive data, and comply with industry or government regulations.

Common security threats to your applications

The key benefit of having a security operations center is the improvement of security incident detection through continuous monitoring and analysis of data activity. By analyzing this activity across an organization’s networks, endpoints, servers, and databases around the clock, SOC teams are critical to ensure timely detection and response of security incidents. The 24/7 monitoring provided by a SOC gives organizations an advantage to defend against incidents and intrusions, regardless of source, time of day, or attack type.

Risk Management

Our risk management solution will allow you and your managers to take the best and most benefical decisions for the company. We will adapt your cybersecurity needs based on your risk profile and apetite.


Simplify your IT by entrusting to our team of experts, who will find an answer to all your problems.


Protect your customers and staff from the growing cyber attacks on businesses of all sizes.


Secure your investment and sleep easy knowing that your business is cyber resilient 24/7.

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