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Regular audits catch new vulnerabilities and unintended consequences of organizational change

An IT security audit is a comprehensive review and assessment of your organization’s information security system. Performing regular audits can help you identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, verify your security controls, ensure regulatory compliance, etc. If you keep track of cybersecurity news, even a little, you need to understand intuitively why audits are important. A security audit is the top-level description of the many ways in which organizations can test and assess their overall security posture, including cybersecurity. You can use more than one type of security audit to achieve desired results and achieve your business goals.

Cloud Security Audit

Identifies unsafe configurations and exploitable security vulnerabilities within your cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure • Amazon Web Services (AWS) • Google Cloud (GCP) • etc.

Industrial Security Audit

Identifies security vulnerabilities and unsafe configurations of your industrial equipment.

Industrial Networks • Segmentation IT/OT • PLC Controllers • IOT • RTU • HMI • etc.

IoT Security Audit

Identifies exploitable security vulnerabilities within your connected equipment and your smart devices.

Smart vehicles • Smart Locks • Monitoring Devices • etc.

Network Security Audit

Identifies security vulnerabilities within networks and devices accessible from the Internet, as well as internal servers.

VLAN • Active Directory • File-sharing Servers • Firewalls • VPN • DNS • Proxy • FTP • etc.

Phishing Test

Measures the level of awareness of your employees about the risks of targeted email phishing.

Advanced Phishing Campaign • Targeted Phishing • etc.

Web Security Audit

Identifies unsafe development practices and exploitable vulnerabilities in your web applications, websites, API’s, etc.

Java, PHP • .NET • Angular • React • Vue • Python • Ruby • WordPress • REST etc.

A security audit is only as complete as it’s early definition.

Performing an internal security audit is a great way to put your business on the right track to protect yourself from data breaches and other costly security threats. Many IT and security professionals view a security audit as a stressful and costly solution to assess the security compliance of their organization. But they ignore the fact that with adequate training, resources and data, an internal security audit can be effective in assessing the security of their organization and can create critical and actionable information to improve the defenses of the organization. company.

Vulnerabilities for which there is no fix and there are known exploits are causes for immediate mitigation

Security audits are complex, time-consuming, and then the data needs to be interpreted and fixes need to be made. There’s not just one tip, but many companies usually start with a penetration test or vulnerability scan – because these are great ways to quickly identify critical security threats to your business, while helping to guide a profitable improvement program. forward. It is essential for the legitimacy and efficiency of your internal security audit to try to block any emotion or bias you have towards the evaluation and evaluation of your performance to date, and the performance of your service in general. Maybe your team is particularly good at monitoring your network and detecting threats, but are your employees aware of the latest methods used by hackers to gain access to your systems?

PenTesting is the ultimate cybersecurity audit

If you are looking for a complete audit of your company’s vulnerabilities, whether in the physical world or in the virtual world, the experts at Secur01 will find the flaws that lead to critical parts of your business. We will then provide you with a full report to help you fill these gaps.


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