We aim to empower organizations to avert costly data breaches and reduce risks of non-compliance that could result in fines from the regulator.

Make smart decisions about managing sensitive data.

With technology now affecting all aspects of modern life, there has never been a more important time to think about your privacy and protect it from an ever-widening range of threats. Global privacy regulations, escalating data loss, explosive growth of personal data and customer expectations have combined to make data privacy a business imperative. But manual processes prone to error cannot evolve to meet these new challenges. Secur01 Data Protection and Privacy Services help organizations stay up to date with leading data security and privacy services and comply with regulations in a constantly evolving threat and regulatory landscape.

63% of companies data compromised within the last 12 months


Data is one of the most important assets a company has. With the rise of the data economy, companies find enormous value in collecting, sharing and using data. Information privacy may be applied in numerous ways, including encryption, authentication and data masking – each attempting to ensure that information is available only to those with authorized access. These protective measures are geared toward preventing data mining and the unauthorized use of personal information, which are illegal in many parts of the world.

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With the advancement of the digital age, personal information vulnerabilities have increased.

The Privacy Act offers protections for personal information, which it defines as any recorded information “about an identifiable individual.” It is a measure that has been implemented in the face of more and more IT breaches. It is important to protect your data and that of your customers and employees, it only takes one breach to make the situation worse.


Application Protection

Our application protection solution will help you protect your information privacy by enabling encryption, firewall rules and more to your needs.


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Protect your customers and staff from the growing cyber attacks on businesses of all sizes.


Secure your investment and sleep easy knowing that your business is cyber resilient 24/7.

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