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The main goal of penetration testing is to simulate how attackers would exploit vulnerabilities in your network

Understanding government compliance is the simple part; it is required for PCI compliance and HIPAA compliance. That said, without a thorough understanding of programming languages ​​and without using writing, it can be difficult to effectively understand and simulate a real attack. Regardless of the size and statistics of the business, the digital landscape is constantly changing and attackers will try to take advantage of new avenues whenever possible. Whenever software updates are deployed, they should be thoroughly tested and patched to ensure that no vulnerability could have a negative impact on the business.

There are roughly 200 billion connected devices


Once the threats and vulnerabilities have been evaluated, the penetration testing should address the risks identified throughout the environment. The penetration testing should be appropriate for the complexity and size of an organization. All locations of sensitive data; all key applications that store, process or transmit such data; all key network connections; and all key access points should be included. The penetration testing should attempt to exploit security vulnerabilities and weaknesses throughout the environment, attempting to penetrate both at the network level and key applications. The goal of penetration testing is to determine if unauthorized access to key systems and files can be achieved. If access is achieved, the vulnerability should be corrected and the penetration testing re-performed until the test is clean and no longer allows unauthorized access or other malicious activity.

Penetration testing following the best practices

Before choosing your penetration testing vendor, you will have to define what type of technical testing you are looking for. Are you looking for a web application pentest, a mobile application pentest or a network/ infrastructure pentest? Different types of pentests require different types of tools, knowledge and expertise which will also determine the cost of a pentest – make sure your pentesting company is well equipped to perform the pentest that you choose.

Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing solution will help you assess the vulnerabilities of your network and the weaknesses of your continuity plan. A PenTest must be included in all threat preparedness programs.


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