Secur01 and Microsoft manages Office 365 for organizations of all sizes, freeing up your IT team to focus on what matters.

Secur01 Simplifies your Office 365 experience

With an extensive portfolio of applications, the Microsoft Office 365 suite equips your business to operate efficiently. Secur01’s Managed Office 365 combines the applications your team relies on with support that gives you greater agility. If you are trying to make your business more productive, then you need to consider the services of Office 365. In today’s world, technology has progressed quickly and it is important for companies to do everything they can to stay ahead of the curve.

First, Office365 is a cloud-based subscription service that provides you with access to many of the tools you already use on a daily basis. Some of the programs that are included with this subscription include Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote, and more. These tools provide the same great features that you depend on for success. There is no need for you to learn a new software package. There isn’t going to be any unfamiliar jargon. It only takes a few minutes for you to create a trial account. Then, you can see for yourself if Office 365 is right for you. 

We do Office 365 from A to Z

Secur01 does not simply sell you an Office 365 plan and then wash your hands of it. We offer a complete suite of services around Office 365 such as anti-spam services with Barracuda, security services with Bitdefender, backup services with Veeam for Office 365 and integration of Microsoft Teams for collaboration reinforced by your teams.

You get: seamless A-to-Z migration and onboarding with a dedicated agent and 24/7 customer support on all issues, no matter how small, by phone, email or chat. What’s more, we’ll answer your calls within seconds and resolve most tickets in less than 1 day. With Microsoft, you only get migration self-help guides and IT-level web support and 24/7 phone support for issues that are deemed critical by Microsoft, not by you. For all other support issues, you are left to your own devices.

Secur01 is a leading Microsoft 365 partner in the area

Email is the pivot point for almost any computer attack. So it is very important to secure this critical service for your business using filters that will scan the elements before coming into contact with your production environment. We will prevent the most sophisticated phishing attacks and can recover any email lost due to an error or intrusion. We help companies set up 2FA, U2F and other hacking barriers in place for their Office 365 environment. Our team is there for you.

Active support anytime, anywhere

The Managed Office 365 Core plan offers advisory telephone support from Insight any time you need it. Troubleshoot issues and remediate problems with certified Office 365 experts. And, tenant incident resolution serves your tenants in the cloud. If you encounter an issue that can’t be fixed immediately, Insight will escalate to Microsoft to find a resolution. Core support also provides a full technology roadmap customized for your business by a team of skilled consultants.

Solutions for teams of all sizes

Experience complete management with Business or Enterprise support. These plans expand Core offerings with advanced client contact capabilities, such as direct callback features. Both options provide aid directly to the end user, easing your IT administrative workloads. Business-level support is optimized for teams with 30 to 499 employees, while Enterprise is ideal for organizations with 500 or more employees. Both plans include reporting, adoption and change management services. Enterprise adds an assigned service delivery manager.

Implementation & Migration

Our team of fully trained Microsoft Office 365 consultants can help with every aspect of your migration project. Whether you need a full installation service, ad-hoc technical assistance or skills transfer during the final migration phase, we are flexible and happy to work with you as and when needed.We understand that the critical migration phase needs detailed planning and preparation. Our Technical Consultants work with you to cover all your key MS Office 365 migration phase considerations


Benefits of your Office 365 investment

Migration Included

Expert and dedicated migration from any messaging platform.

No-Pressure Plans

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. No installation costs or annual contracts.

Support Included

Our support team is available 24/7/365.

Why Office 365 Managed Services

If you go to a managed service provider to manage the day-to-day maintenance of your Office 365 environment, the internal IT team can focus on technology support for core business activities, which will increase your business productivity. Microsoft releases updates regularly, and they arrive first in the cloud. Office 365 managed services will keep your business aligned over time. Managed services specialists track changes to federal and state compliance regulations such as GLBA, SOX and HIPAA. They adapt your Office 365 environment to new requirements ensuring regulatory compliance. Office 365 managed services guarantee high availability to end users and continuous performance without interruption, which supports the efficiency and stability of technology-dependent business processes.

Veeam Office 365 Backup

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 eliminates the risk of losing access to your Exchange Online email data and ensures Availability to your users.


Simplify your IT by entrusting to our team of experts, who will find an answer to all your problems.


Protect your customers and staff from the growing cyber attacks on businesses of all sizes.


Secure your investment and sleep easy knowing that your business is cyber resilient 24/7.

We know your time is important. Get started with a provider that cares.

Secur01 is more than an IT Helpdesk. We are a partner to your success.

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