G-Suite consists of many different features to help in with the streamline of any company

G-Suite helps businesses

G-Suite contains Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Gmail and offered on a monthly subscription. Google Apps for Work is the former name of G-Suite. There are also various features that are considered “enterprise-level” for companies to take advantage of. Optional unlimited cloud storage, shared calendars, two-step verification, and single-sign-on are just a few features that are offered in G-Suite. The program also gives users the ability to create custom email addresses for any domain that you may have. However, you must already own a domain in order to take advantage of this feature.


G-Suite comes in handy for many businesses. Business owners essentially would like to have different services at their disposal to help them grow. G-Suites gives businesses flexibility, mobility, and much more.

Secur01 configures G-Suite to push your performance to its maximum

Data can now be secured in the cloud without any stress or worry about losing any documents or files that are important. Data can always be accessed no matter where you are. Remote team members also have the ability to access their documents since they are always on the go.

Your entire data is hosted by Google. Who better than the internet giant itself to provide you with a complete productivity cloud suite. G-Suite is perfect for a startup that opts for simplicity and modernity.

Secur01 and G-Suite saves you money

There are many features that can be enjoyed at a very reasonable fee that businesses only have to pay once a month. Unlimited cloud storage, eDiscovery capabilities, and even audit controls are some of the many features of G-Suite. Best of all, companies will only have to pay for what they need depending on the G-Suite edition they select.

Business Email

Business emails definitely help with the appeal of any company. This is a perfect way to do so instead of using just a regular GMAIL address. Companies are likelier to get a response from customers when they use professional emails. There is no training required since the email is just a more professional form of Gmail.

Limitless Storage Capacity

Businesses can all take advantage of unlimited storage capacity for their files, documents, and even photos. Every single detail can be stored since there is no limit to your storage space. You can also access them wherever you’d like. Companies that have less than four users will all get 1TB of storage which can hold over 17,000 hours of audio.

Refined Team Corporation

Documents can now be worked on at the same time since the program features many different apps that make it possible. Edits to each document and other files are saved in the cloud and are available in real-time. Team members have the ability to assign certain capabilities for editing to help with the corporation on different assignments. The program also features a chat system that is built in to help with the communication between team members. This also allows members to share their ideas.

Why G-Suite Services

Some of the best tools are offered via G-Suite. It does not matter what size business or enterprise you have or if you are a business just getting started. These tools that are available via G-Suite give companies the necessary tools they need for security, organization, and collaboration. Every business has different needs so there may be an edition that is best suited over another for a particular business.  Freelancers can also benefit from G-Suite since it is an affordable solution for the email tools associated with the program. They also have the ability to share work with their co-workers and clients via G-Suite. Overall, anyone who does not want to work using desktop solutions can make use of G-Suite.

Compare G-Suite with Office365

Before making your choice on the powerful suite of tools from Google, have you looked at the Office 365 suite from Microsoft? Without a doubt, some organizations will be better served by G-Suite, while others will swear by Office 365.


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