Companies have the ability to manage their emails using Microsoft Exchange

Everyone in business knows just how critical email is for communicating

This software program operates as an email server. It operates on a server and controls your emails at the same time. It does not matter if you have emails that are incoming, outgoing, drafted, or saved, it will be stored via Microsoft Exchange’s server. Microsoft Exchange can also help you manage your calendar. This is a great way for businesses to be able to gain reliability and great performance. You can only run Exchange on Windows Server Operating systems. Companies can now gain much-needed flexibility to send emails, handle scheduling, and much more.


When businesses have a lot of confidential data, they need to make sure that it always stays protected or companies can face great threats. Anti-spam filters are featured in the system for companies to take advantage of which helps in protecting against any phishing threats and other spam that may not be easy to detect otherwise. Malware protection is also featured in Exchange and is a great tool where both senders and receivers can receive alerts regarding messages that may be suspicious.

Benefits businesses can achieve from using Microsoft Exchange

Companies can now perform discovery searches for particular information that they are looking for through all mailboxes. For those who are not of IT personnel, they can be granted access control with no admin power.

Exchange is a terrific option for decreasing the cost of communication since it is relatively fast and doesn’t use as much of the budget as fax or phone calls do.

We support and protect your on-premise Exchange server

Users can access the server whenever needed. Secur01 supports and protects everything related to your Microsoft Exchange email infrastructure. We have an experienced team with varied experience touching most of the problems that you will experience with your server in the space of his life. There are no email problems that escape us, we will resolve all your problems as soon as possible and will prevent the reappearance of new problems in the future thanks to preventive maintenance.

Data Backup

Now businesses have the opportunity to back up all of their emails into a centralized hub that can be accessed at any time in the future.

Syncing of Data

Exchange allows users to sync any data that they want directly to their mobile device which is used through ActiveSync. iPhone, Android, and Windows phones are all supported through this feature.


The Exchange Admin Center features an “Apps” tab which allows users to be able to construct certain applications for users. This feature allows lets users to arrange their profiles to consist of Bing Maps, Linkedin, and other apps.

Why Microsoft Exchange

Overall, email can be very effective by using Microsoft Exchange. Businesses can now take advantage of effective communication instead of being dependent on the phone. It does not require the use of subscription costs and can easily be managed no matter the size of the company and the number of users. It is great for companies that have at least 75 employees and who use email for their primary communication. Users that have larger than normal inboxes can greatly benefit from Microsoft Exchange. Users have the ability to restore and back up any of their emails so information can be easily accessed when convenient.

Veeam Exchange Backup

With Veeam Backup for Microsoft Exchange, you can retrieve Exchange Online mailbox items (email, calendar and contacts) from a on-premise instance of Exchange server and uniquely back up this mailbox data into the same format that Microsoft Exchange uses natively.


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