Using Secur01 IT team means you’ll be dodging the hassle of having to find the right people every time a problem occurs in your systems.

Here are the benefits of choosing Secur01 IT on-site support services

If you are a business owner, you have computer systems to automate your processes and help you make and resolve critical decisions. We work with businesses and SMEs to support them in terms of software, tools and hardware. However, to protect your computer systems against external threats (viruses, hackers), quickly restore your systems after a problem, and keep the entire system running smoothly, you need professional or expert assistance. ‘an expert and experienced IT company.

The advantage of onsite IT support is that your problem is better resolved, communication becomes easier and faster, you see how the problem is resolved, and you can ask for more help. While many IT companies offer good onsite IT support, Secur01 offers some of the best by including planning and cybersecurity considerations into the mix. You benefit from the most efficient, fastest and most secure IT support in the greater Montreal area.

Our technicians come to your company to solve the problem directly on site

You benefit from expert on-site support services tailored to your needs. Secur01 has a team of expert and experienced IT professionals who know what they are doing. You’ll be sure to follow IT best practices while making the most of their wide array of resources.

Computer Repair

Desktop PC


Performance issues

Parts replacement

Data Protection

Disaster Recovery

Online backups

Office 365 Backups

External hard drives






Network Management


IT infrastructure

Internal networks

Wifi / Networks

Security and Antivirus


Firewall & VPN

Internal security

24/7 remote management


AWS & Azure


Google Suite

Office 365

Our team have encountered many IT issues and mastered how to deal with them. We also have relevant educational background and qualifications and undergone training and acquired advanced IT skills. That means we know how to use different computers and equipment necessary to solve your IT issues.

It’s easy to see why Secur01 is the best company to get onsite support services from

With a knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated, and friendly IT support team, you can be sure your business will function like a well-oiled machine when you choose Secur01. We act proactively, which also allows us to detect and resolve issues before the company notices them. And if you have an existing IT team, Secur01 can dispatch their IT professionals to replace or supplement it with expert and experienced professionals who blend great technical skills with extensive business skills to provide excellent services to your business.

Secur01 helps you stay on budget

The cost of IT onsite support can be high, and this can put a strain on your budget. Secur01 can help you operate on a specific, predictable monthly budget that you can plan for with confidence. Plus, you won’t be required to pay for blocks of time before you need the onsite IT support. And most importantly, you won’t go through the hassle of managing your own in-house team.

Minimizes disruptions in your business

Computer systems are prone to glitches. Some are unavoidable and can disrupt your business operations. You need a reliable IT partner that can help you fix the glitch quickly, especially glitches that emanate from computer hardware and get your business back on track. Secur01 responds quickly to such problems and will dispatch its IT team to fix the glitch quickly. Secur01 believes in inconsistency. If you have a team of IT experts from the company at your service, you can be sure you’ll experience minimum computer systems-related disruptions in your business.

You get the chance to ask for more help at no extra cost

The good thing about IT onsite support is that you interact with the company’s IT professionals face to face. You get to see, for real, how your system is being fixed. And this means you can ask the technicians to help you solve a minor issue in your computer system.

On-site support is available 24/7

Secur01 allows you to request onsite support any time of the day and night through their email or social media pages. With this kind of support, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your business will operate with fewer interruptions.

Contact Secur01 for Professional IT Services Today

Secur01 IT professionals have undergone thorough training and have been exposed to many businesses in various industries. So, they know the best IT practices and can help you implement them in your business. On top of that, you can leverage their breadth of experience and impeccable skill set. Secure01 is also flexible. For example, if you need one IT professional to solve a specific issue in a single day, you can get it.


Simplify your IT by entrusting to our team of experts, who will find an answer to all your problems.


Protect your customers and staff from the growing cyber attacks on businesses of all sizes.


Secure your investment and sleep easy knowing that your business is cyber resilient 24/7.

Our IT support team is on site quickly

When an IT need arises requiring on-site intervention, Secur01 intervenes quickly. We send you the best IT technicians in the greater Montreal area who will take all your operating criteria into account before applying a patch

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