Microsoft Teams, a Secure Alternative to Zoom

Microsoft Teams, a Secure Alternative to Zoom

Remote video conferencing has been on the rise for years. With the COVID-19 pandemic having forced many to work from home, this has only caused people to turn to video conferencing solutions sooner than they otherwise would have. This has led to a rise in numerous video conferencing options, including Zoom, which is the most popular option in the United States.

Unfortunately, not everything has gone as planned when it comes to Zoom and cybersecurity. They have recently come under fire from numerous regulatory authorities, including the New York Attorney General, due to the rise of something called Zoombombing. In this cyberattack, people crash virtual meetings using Zoom. Then, they do everything from creating unwanted or inappropriate distractions to stealing people’s information. For this reason, it is essential for everyone to understand the potential risks with this video conferencing solution as well as explore some possible alternatives.

The Problems with Zoom

Zoom has quickly positioned itself as one of the top video conferencing options on the market; however, there are a few concerns related to their cybersecurity or lack of it.

For example, there is a Company Directory at Zoom that groups together users who have the same domain on their email addresses, also known as the “@” portion of the email. This means that thousands of people could have their email addresses exposed because of Zoom groups them together, thinking they are coworkers when they are total strangers. For example, lots of people have Gmail email addresses but do not know each other, let alone work together.

Besides, the default setting on Zoom meetings is public. This means that nearly anyone with the link to the meeting can access it. This leads to the rise of Zoombombing,  as people may unwittingly share the Zoom link to the meeting in a public location.

Finally, Zoom meetings are not as encrypted as was previously thought. While Zoom’s encryption protects the user’s Wi-Fi connection, Zoom itself can still access the meeting. This provides hackers with an entry into Zoom’s software and its meetings.

These are serious issues that everyone should consider. Fortunately, Microsoft Teams also provides a compelling video conferencing solution. It might even be safer.

The Benefits of Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing.

Several benefits come with using Microsoft Teams video conferencing. For example, there is a seamless integration that comes with using Microsoft Teams. This software can integrate with many of the applications that people use daily. This makes it easy to share files, presentations, and more with the other people attending the meeting. Other video conferencing options unmatch this type of integration.

Furthermore, Microsoft Teams also offers touch enhancement, device management, and companion experiences with both dual-screen and mobile rooms support. Besides, Microsoft Teams also has proximity detection, which some users may find helpful. Microsoft Teams even certifies hardware solutions, which is an added benefit.

Finally, Microsoft Teams also offers a free version. Some people might not be ready to commit yet, and that is acceptable. The free version of Microsoft Teams provides a limited version of their chat and collaboration tools. The free version is also going to include productivity apps and services in addition to meetings, calls, and security measures. While the free version does not provide access to administration tools, the Microsoft Team’s free trial version is more than enough for people to get a feel for what the program is truly like. Anyone who would like to learn more about Microsoft Teams should be sure to work with trained professionals.

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