Cyber Strategy

Developing a strategic program, tailored to your size and need, ensuring that the employees and the executives have the necessary awareness and tools to fight the cyber threats.

Cyber Transformation, Management and Compliance

We conduct a full study in order to understand your company's position and its exposure to a cyber attacks. We make sure that your investment will improve your security position and we will prioritize our approach based on your situation.
We will help you reduce the cyber risks by providing a tailored cyber managment program which will use data analytics, artificial intelligence and advanced monitoring systems to give you full protection.
The last step of the cyber strategy is to make sure that your systems and procedures are compliant and up to date, because the biggest vulnerabilities are the ones that are recently discovered.

Cyber Coaching

No matter how hard and tough your security systems are, the human factor will remain as your biggest vulnerability.
Our coaching strategy will give your employees the essential knowledge to become aware of the potential attacks and how they can indirectly help an attacker.