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The Microsoft 365 Compliance Center

Regulation and legislation never seem to stop, as new information is coming out all the time. Based on a recent compliance survey that was conducted by Thompson Reuters, some of the most common challenges in the world of compliance include new regulations, anti-money laundering compliance measures, culture and conduct risks,

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Microsoft 365 will now include Office 365 and Teams

For those who have a current Office 365 subscription, they will no longer be in use as of April 21, 2020. This is because all current subscriptions will change over to Microsoft 365 subscriptions. However, for shared groups, the cost is either $9.99 each month or $99.99 per year. Personal

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Microsoft Teams, a Secure Alternative to Zoom

Remote video conferencing has been on the rise for years. With the COVID-19 pandemic having forced many to work from home, this has only caused people to turn to video conferencing solutions sooner than they otherwise would have. This has led to a rise in numerous video conferencing options, including

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The Numerous Ways Microsoft 365 Improves Workplace Productivity

Many businesses have heard about the benefits of Microsoft 365. As the internet continues to grow, companies must remain on the cutting edge. This will help them maintain an edge on the competition. This is where Microsoft 365 comes into play. Collaboration and communication are more critical than ever, and

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How do virtual machines work?

There have been several significant advances in the field of technology over the past few years, and one of the most significant developments has been the growth of something called a virtual machine. For those who might not know, a virtual machine allows someone to run an operating system in

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Main use cases for virtualization

Virtualization is a rapidly growing field. This is a foundational component in many modern data centers all over the world. Now, it serves as the underlying infrastructure for cloud-native workloads that use containers. The vast majority of datacenter workloads today are virtualized. With virtualization, businesses can improve their efficiency while

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The difference between Office 365 and an on-premise exchange server

Historically, on-premise exchange servers have dominated the market. In the past, these servers were responsible for bringing new features and services to customers. Even though they were reliable, the demands throughout the market started to change. These exchange servers got too large, and space continues to be at a premium.

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Meetings and Conferencing in Microsoft Teams

With more people than ever working remotely, video conferencing has become integral to the structure and function of many businesses. Microsoft has entered the discussion with its service, called Microsoft Teams. MS Teams is a user-friendly digital collaboration software that will compete with many other services in the industry. Of

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What Is Microsoft Teams?

In today’s world, people work and live in a truly global environment. Many people are looking at working remotely, including from home. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to have ways for employees to collaborate over large distances. This is where services such as MS Teams are helpful. There are

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Why Is Office 365 so Useful?

If you are trying to make your business more productive, then you need to consider the services of Office 365. In today’s world, technology has progressed quickly, and companies must do everything they can to stay ahead of the curve. If you are thinking about whether or not this subscription

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