Business VoIP Phone

Secur01 will adapt to a VoIP solution that meets your needs for a fraction of the cost of traditional telephone systems. All the services, know-how, equipment and professional support you need from a single supplier. Fast, effective and guaranteed to give results. More flexibility, reliable performance and above all a significant reduction in your telephony costs.

On-site PBX phone system

Also known as 'On-Premise PBX phone system', it offers the same functions as the traditional PBX system (Being in only one location), but the signaling is established using an IP Phone to the IP-PBX server through the Local Area Network.

Cloud Phone System

A Cloud Phone System is simply hosted in the cloud: This offers you security using a special server and direct access through the internet.

Hosted VoIP Phone

We manage and host the VoIP equipment, and servers in order to route and manage the calls using the existing telephony system.

Unified communication system

Having a Unified communication system will surely increase the productivity of your team and reduce operational costs.

Cost effective

It is simply cheaper than the traditional telephony system by taking advantage of the internet.

Guaranteed quality of service

Guaranteed quality of service is done by correctly shaping the packet's traffic and the effective control of the delays.

VoIP Packages